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Foremost showbiz entrepreneur, Kingsley Amafibe has empowered several young ladies through pageantry. He has also supported the educational sector with his peace campaigns; donating materials to schools within and outside Abuja.

In this interview, the organiser of Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria, South South Progressive Awards, Niger Delta Peace Concert and publishers of Alphaplus Mega magazine, bares his mind on sundry issues including pageantry, publishing and politics. Enjoy it.

Can you recall your childhood days?

I grew up in an average income family; I had tough life experiences as a child. My father, the late Augustine Amafibe, was a pastor and I was his only son. In fact, my poor background is what has helped my life.

How did you become a publisher?

I’m a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from University of Port Harcourt. Also, I attended Petroleum Institute Warri, Delta State. Thereafter, I worked in two oil and gas films in Port Harcourt. But my quest for entrepreneurship made me go into publishing. Nonetheless, I worked with This Day before becoming the publisher of Alphaplus Mega magazine. I have been in publishing for over 12 years.

When was the darkest moment of your life?

It was when my father died 10 years ago. That was my lowest moment in life. Painfully, we had no money and relatives to help us face the challenges of life. As a young man, I was heartbroken, facing the responsibilities of taking care of my siblings and mother financially. Nevertheless, that experience fashioned me into an idealistic, hardworking man.

At what point did you consider diversifying into pageantry?

I considered diversity and how to make more impact in the society after the Universe Peace Foundation honoured me as an ambassador for Peace in 2011. That’s what gave birth to founding Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria and Peace Achievers Awards in 2012. So far, we have achieved success through empowering young ladies. Also, we have honoured men and women who have contributed to the development of the society.

Have you organised events that made you cry after counting loses?

In 2012, I borrowed money to organise an event, but it wasn’t successful. So, my moneylender was on my neck. Since I couldn’t pay on the agreed date, I was frustrated, but eventually, I was able to refund the money. We used to go into hiding because of creditors but now we are counting gains.

As a leading pageant promoter, what is the secret behind your success?

It’s humility, consistency, smartness and being committed to my job.

Do you have any regret?

My major regret is inadequate funding; we hardly get financial support from organizations and governments. Most companies wouldn’t listen to us, because they believe Lagos is the hub of entertainment. Painfully, manufacturing companies forget there are consumers in Abuja. Nevertheless, we appreciate individuals and few organisations for their support. We urge government to support initiatives that empower young people.

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How do you think government can get involved in supporting entrepreneurship in Nigeria?

Government can get involved by creating programmes like talent hunts, pageantry to encourage the youths. Also they can get involved by providing loans for young entrepreneurs to establish and support their ideals to be economically independent.

Could you tell us about your involvement in politics? 

In 2015, I contested for a seat in the Delta State House of Assembly for Ika North East Constituency. Later, I withdrew from the race to support Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. After the signing of ‘Not Too Young to Run’ bill by the president, youths were encouraged to go into politics, but they couldn’t afford the N25 million presidential ticket. For the House of Representatives, it was N5 million. How do you expect young people to pay such fees? Painfully, if you are not a moneybag you can’t join politics in Nigeria.

Who has influenced you greatly in life?

My mother is my greatest motivator. She always says, ‘whatever you want to achieve, work hard and prayerfully you will become successful’. Though, it might not come the way you expect it, God has a way of sending the right people to help you attain your destiny.

What is your principle of life?

I am a man of integrity, a very straightforward person. I don’t act based on what I see, because experience has taught me great lessons in life. So, I don’t judge a book by its cover, but by its contents.

What has life taught you?

Life has taught me to be focused and believe in myself, knowing that opportunities don’t just come your way; you have to work for its manifestation.

You have an intimidating fashion sense, how best do you like to dress?

I like looking good, because it also attracts good business. Therefore, I wear what fits me and makes me comfortable.

Could you tell us a bit about your marital life?

I got married to my beautiful wife, Rosita Obumnaeke Amafibe eight years ago, precisely December 28, 2010.  She hails from Imo State while I’m a native of Ika North East, Delta State. We are blessed with two boys. My wife is a caring, loving and very determined woman, who’s always supporting me to attain success.

As a pageant promoter, how does she feel spotting you among beautiful ladies?

She had an idea of what I wanted to do before I started pageantry and she gave her consent. However, in every relationship, commitment is imperative, so I always inform my wife about my meetings and places I’m expected to visit before a third party begins to spread fake news about me. She understands my kind of job and I respect her feelings as a woman, to protect our marriage. So, seeing me with countless beautiful ladies, she is rest assured that I’m her husband. However, I haven’t failed in my duties as a husband and father, because my family comes first. My wife picks my calls whenever I’m busy. In fact, she is a director in my agency; so she has no reason to be jealous.