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Christmas is a wonderful time to show your partner just how much you care about them. It is the best time to express your love for the one you love but it can be challenging to know just the right thing to get that special someone especially if you have celebrated many Christmases together.

In this part of the world, it is sad that some couples don’t see the need to buy gifts for each other. They stay together for years without imbibing the tradition of giving one another gifts during Christmas.

Heart Congress spoke to some couples who shared the best Christmas gifts they ever received from their partners:

Olayinka: My husband booked a hotel for both of us for Christmas

Last year, my husband of five years booked a three-day vacation for us in a five-star hotel. It was a wonderful surprise. It was as if he knew I was burning out and needed to rejuvenate. We dropped our children at my mother’s house and off we went to have the time of our lives alone without interruptions.

It remains one of the best Christmas gifts I received from him. It was a good time for us to bond and plan towards the future. We had a good time.

Linda: My partner bought me a bottle of designer perfume

My best Christmas gift was a bottle of designer perfume I wanted to buy but couldn’t because my partner and I were saving money to rent an apartment. This was two years ago. We are married now and I remember unwrapping that gift and screaming in excitement. I hugged and kissed him for being so thoughtful and considerate. We will celebrate our first Christmas as husband and wife this year and I know it will be so much fun.

Richard: My girlfriend paid for my DSTV subscription for six months

My girlfriend and I have been dating for two years. Last year, she gave me a surprising Christmas present. She paid for my DSTV subscription for six months. It made me happy that she wanted me not to miss any of the matches on my favourite sports channel.

She knew that my biggest pet peeve is realizing my subscription has expired and I don’t have cash to renew it. I know that makes me sound like a loser but my girl loves me like that. She knows I am working hard to make money to give us a better life and she wholeheartedly supports me. It was my best Christmas present.

Bukola: My husband gives me a beautiful pendant every year

My husband of four years gave me a beautiful pendant the first time we went out during Christmas some years ago. Every Christmas since then, he gives me a new pendant to add to my collection. It makes me happy to know he remembers how and when we met and makes an effort to make me feel special. I love getting pendants every year and anticipating what the new one will be.

Victory: My wife bought me a book I wanted to read

The best Christmas gift I received from my wife was from our first Christmas together. She bought me a book I wished I had purchased years ago that had become hard to find. I only ever made a passing comment about it to her. I was surprised and touched when I unwrapped it months later. To some men, it may not be a big deal but to me, it means a lot. It means that she is attentive when I am talking and did something to make me happy.

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Joanne: My husband bought me Diamond earrings

The best Christmas gift I ever received from my husband was my diamond earrings. I had never asked for jewelry but he knew I loved diamonds. He gave me the gift on Christmas day last year and that left me in the clouds for months.

Kenneth: My wife makes us delicious pepper soup every Christmas morning

My wife has a tradition where she wakes up early on Christmas morning and makes our children and me this delicious goat meat pepper soup. We have been married for over ten years. She doesn’t like to cook but she makes delicious foods whenever our chef is off duty. It has absolutely become my favorite part of Christmas.

Stephen: My girlfriend replaced all my kitchen utensils

My girlfriend basically replaced everything in my kitchen last year. I cook a lot at home and take food to work, but I didn’t realize that all my kitchen stuff was so basic. The new knives, better pots and pans and other things she bought were all eye-openers. But the biggest game-changer was a pressure pot for cooking my favourite corn and beans. Honestly, those new kitchen utensils changed my life.

Benson: My wife gave me a camera I had been obsessing over

Two years ago, I received the best Christmas gift from my wife. After we bought our house and money was tight, she gave me something I wasn’t expecting. When the time came to exchange gifts, she surprised me with a camera I had been obsessing over. I was shocked. I didn’t know when I lifted her up and planted lots of kisses on her body. She made me so happy.

Folasade: My husband paid for my trip to Ghana to see my best friend

The best Christmas gift I received from my husband was a trip to Ghana to visit my best friend who had a baby after she moved there for work. I missed her, so he planned my New Year’s Eve in Ghana last year. It was one of the best trips I ever took. I am grateful for having such a loving and thoughtful man by my side.

Adeyemi: My wife told me she pregnant on Christmas day

The best Christmas gift my wife and I ever received was when we found out we were expecting a baby last year. A baby was way better than anything we had on our Christmas lists. She made me the happiest man on earth when she told me we were going to be parents on Christmas day.

Nancy: My husband bought me a car

The best Christmas gift I received from my husband of five years was a car. He initially sold my previous car months before and I felt sad about that. I didn’t know that he had plans to buy me a better car.

On Christmas day, he left early and I was sad that he left me alone with the children. An hour later, he drove in a new car and called me to come and meet him downstairs. When I came downstairs, he was smiling and ushered me to the car. He gave me the car keys with this big smile on his face. I started crying immediately. I couldn’t contain my joy. It was one of the best days of my life.

Okechukwu: My wife paid for a spa treat

The best Christmas gift I ever received from my wife was a spa treat. The first Christmas after we got married she decorated the house, cooked different delicacies, wrapped gifts and invited both of our extended families to our home. The next Christmas, she paid for a spa treatment for me to relax and enjoy myself.