The recent launch Terra Gold cube, produced by TGI Group, has been described as the gold standard in the seasoning cube market.

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group says the launch marks an exciting chapter in the brand’s innovative journey in the Nigerian market.

He describes it as a shift from traditional flavour-centric cubes, offering endless possibilities without confining itself to a singular flavour.

“Unlike conventional cubes boasting specific taste profiles, Terra Gold stands out by breaking the mould – it is a cube without boundaries, a defined flavour, and limitations.

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“Terra gold is designed to harmoniously elevate the taste of your favorite stews, soups, and beloved Jollof rice, acting as a versatile enhancer without imposing its own taste identity. Its appeal lies in its ability to seamlessly blend and amplify the natural flavours of your dishes, enhancing them to perfection without overpowering or dictating a specific taste.

“The beauty of Terra gold lies in its neutrality and its versatile nature that transcends the confines of traditional seasoning. This unique attribute appeals strongly to a wide consumer base seeking flexibility and endless possibilities in their culinary choices.

From mouthwatering stews to soul-nourishing soups and the beloved Jollof rice, Terra Gold is designed to complement and enhance the flavours of iconic Nigerian dishes, promising a delightful culinary experience with every use.

Crafted from premium ingredients, the new Terra Gold cube has been designed to meet the needs of consumers who want to cook any kind of meal without worrying about the flavor type of cube to use”, he said.