Testmaster Educational Limited, an educational experts group is set to launch a nationwide Mathematics quiz competition for Secondary school students across the country.

This was disclosed in Lagos, on Tuesday, by Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder of Testmaster Educational Limited, Ofir Zukovsky, while speaking at the press conference.

Testmater Education, an International company, with a Nigerian branch, is

comprised of foreign as well as indigenous educational experts with proven track record  in developing and marketing successful techno-pedagogical solutions to millions of  children/students worldwide.

“Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE:WAEC/NECO) and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME, JAMB) are vital GATEs for Nigerians who want to start their adult life with dignity, honor and self-respect.

“But inequality in Education prevents  individuals from getting the same chance in passing these exams, resulting in the increase of gaps in society and sentence them to a poor, unequal life,” Zukovsky said.

Continuing, he said, “It is our commitment to help students and teachers be the  best they can.

Hence, we created Testmaster to corroborate  teachers’ efforts in preparing students for academic success, enhance students’  performance in SSCE and UTME exams and ensure that every student in Nigeria  maximizes his or her true potential.

“TESTMASTER is a solution that allows every student in Nigeria  access to top quality education, at a cost anyone can afford, by providing easy access to the best digital private tutor on major subjects, all compliant with SSCE/JAMB

curriculums, any time and on any digital device”.

TESTMASTER consists today of 16 SMART books, each containing thousands of  original exercises and theoretical lesson explanations, where each exercise is linked to a comprehensive, self-explanatory short video solution making learning highly effective and productive, both intellectually and fun.

And all presented by highly experienced  Nigerian Professional Teachers and Academic Tutors so that anyone can understand.

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Thousands of students have already mastered their final exams using TESTMASTER.

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The product addresses the weak as well as the strong students with what this millennial  generation truly seeks i.e. a short, intuitive, visual, professional and simple way to pass through these turbulent periods.

Testmaster’s Country Representative, Paul Olatunde, unveiled at the press conference  that 2019 national secondary school mathematics TV quiz show, tagged ‘Master of  Math’ is an annual national mathematics programme that provides SS2 students in public and private schools the opportunity to compete in live TV show against and alongside  their peers.

“Master of Math is not just another mathematics competition but one that inspires  Nigerian students to greater achievements through experiencing the magic introduced  by Testmaster.
“Furthermore, Mathematics teachers are being empowered with new digital  ‘personal assistants’ which will improve their teaching skills”, he said.

He further explained the three stages of the competition, starting at the states level, through Regional up to National one. Advanced competition stages will be TV  broadcast where exciting prizes (₦200,000 and a trophy for the winner, ₦150,000 and

₦100,000 for 2nd and 3rd places, respectively) shall be distributed. Top 3 students from  each state at stage one will also receive cash prizes. In addition, expenses like  transportation, accommodation and feeding will be paid by the organisers.

Furthermore, “Teachers are not left out in this glamorous engagement as we would be

giving cash prizes to mathematics teachers of all the winning students at state and national level, meanwhile all registered schools mathematics teacher will participate in a Mathematics teacher one day free preparatory content workshop across the nation  designed around issues in mathematics teaching, strategies and innovation and the  teachers workshop is scheduled for February 19th, 2019. Olatunde said.”

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Tunde Eso, Testmaster’s media and publicity consultant, said the 2019 National secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz show registration is open.

The online registration scratch card is available nationwide and can be obtained from any state  representative and Nigerian Post office service and students can also log on to  www.masterofmath.org.ng or call 08034968539 to locate the closest selling points to their premises