It is my honour and privilege to welcome you to the 20th edition of The Sun Awards. It is yet another opportunity for us to celebrate Nigerians who have done well despite our peculiar challenges.

There are 26 people to be honoured, both men and women. I congratulate them. For them to attract the attention of The Sun Board of Editors and be chosen to be honoured proves that they have been exceptional in their undertakings.

The basic focus of The Sun Awards has been excellence. Winners must be excellent in their endeavours to be honoured. It is a tradition we have maintained over the years.

I am particularly excited that this edition of The Sun Awards is coming a few weeks before our country’s general election, when we are expected to exercise our franchise and elect a new leadership for our dear country. It is a civic duty for all eligible voters.

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As we go into the general election, it is my fervent wish that in deciding who to vote for, we should pay less attention to the divisive issues and focus more on competence, uniting tendencies and ability to do whatever that is necessary to lead Nigeria into its desired era of excellence. 

We must all work together to ensure that the general election is violence-free, transparent and credible. This ought to be the basic minimum that Nigerians look up to.

For the awardees, I would say this: Continue to do the good things that earned you the awards. You should know that to whom much is given, much more is expected. Nigerians expect you to do more for the good of our fatherland.