Whereas in Benin City, rents for a room range between N3,500 and N4,000 per month, i‎n Teboga, landlords beg tenants to stay in their houses for N1,500.

Tony Osauzo and Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

Teboga, a community located between Upper Mission extension and Ikpoba Hill area of Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State is under serious threat. A combination of flood and erosion is ravaging the sleepy community situated barely three kilometer from the famous Ring road and New Benin. Such is the devastation that landlords have fled their houses and become tenants in other areas of the metropolis.

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Houses are caving in while farmlands have been washed away by the flood from Lucky Way area of the community.

Whereas in Benin City, rents for a room range between N3,500 and N4,000 per month, i‎n Teboga, landlords beg tenants to stay in their houses for a monthly rent of N1,500, particularly at Ekhagbore and Emotan quarters, as many people are deserting in droves.

A resident and tricycle operator, Mr. Moses Edoga said the area is a nightmare whenever it rains.

“To say the fact, as you can see, I am a Keke driver. If rain falls I cannot pass here because if I do, I will be carried away by the flood. So, I have to drive through Lucky Way back to my house and more so, the alternative road is also bad.”

He lamented the number of loss of manhours and money spent on a regular basis at the mechanic workshop, which he said has affected his income negatively.

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“I visit the mechanic workshops on a regular basis. I have been in this area since 2005 and I have been experiencing it till date. I am speaking as a tenant and it is really hurting me badly,” he said.

“Due to the bad roads in this community, you can rent a house for N1,500 while the highest is N2,000. If you come here by 7pm, you cannot see anybody because the place is deserted,” he explained.

He appealed to the state government to come to their aid and fix the road as they cannot abandon their fatherland.

If the government decides to relocate us to a better place, fine and good. We can leave here but how can you abandon your fatherland? It is impossible; and we are only begging the government to come and help us to repair the road because we have suffered enough,” he said.

Mr. Lucky Ighodalo who resides in Ekhagbore, said the area has become a safe haven and den of robbers due to the erosion problem.

“The area is very bad. From this area to Teboga junction is very bad because of erosion. The erosion problem has made the area to become a den and a safe haven for armed robbers. The federal and state government should come to our rescue.

“The erosion has carried many houses in the community. The road is very bad. The government should come to our rescue,” he pleaded.‎

Effort to get reaction from the Commissioner for Environment, Ms Omua Oni-Okpaku, on what action the government is taking to address the problem was unsuccessful, as her mobile phone was permanently engaged, just as she failed to reply to an SMS sent to her phone.

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