By Vera Wisdom-Bassey

It was encomiums galore as the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) celebrated the 60th posthumous birthday of its founder, Prophet TB Joshua, recently.

The legend, who died on June 5, 2021, was celebrated by many from far and wide in a church service at the SCOAN, Ikotun, Lagos.

In a drama presentation by the youths of the church and the choristers, entitled God’s General, the performance depicted the time when T.B.Joshua was born at Arigidi-Akoko, in Ondo State.  

Joshua stayed in his mother’s womb for 15 months, because he was a special child, according to the drama presentation, and he turned out to be a great man who exuded exceptional charisma, authority and divine grace, succeeding in breaking barriers.

The second drama was entitled Light and Darkness by another set of  church youths, eight males, representing demons/devil, and two male representing the angels.

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 In the drama, the eight men wore black apparels while the two men wore white with shining lights, depicting light and darkness.

In the performance, one of the boys was seeking for God, but it seemed that the power of darkness was always harassing him, thereby stopping him from going forward to achieve his mission; but he was not discouraged by all their talks. When they quoted the scriptures to him, he would quote another one, therefore, convincing them that where he was going was far better than what they were offering him.  

When they accused him of committing sin, he replied, “Jesus Christ has set me free,” and they would leave him.  As soon as he moved from there, another demon began attacking him, saying, “The house of the prostitute is the way of death, and the way that pleases a man is the way of death.” The man trying to rescue him would say, “Get behind me, Satan.”

He also cried out that only Jesus knew his future, and the demand in black would ask him, “Do you want to die?” The man seeking a solution to the salvation of his souls cried out, “In him is light; there is no darkness at all.” 

In her closing remarks, the daughter of TB Joshua, Promise Joshua, expressed gratitude to all the guests who attended the programme, stressing their presence had made it a  memorable one, even those who traveled from across the world.

One of the guests, Kinnack Emmanuel, said he came to celebrate the life of the prophet, who brought light to his life. Emmanuel, who is one of the beneficiaries of Emmanuel TV, said he received Jesus Christ in the ministry of the prophet.