Rising music sensation Ta Liebe is set to captivate audiences with the release of his highly anticipated EP, “The Vibe.” 


Known for his soulful voice and poignant songwriting, Ta Liebe, often referred to as the ’90s baby,’ brings a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair to his music.


The EP boasts six tracks that showcase Ta Liebe’s versatility and musical prowess. Each song takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and experiences. From the smooth vibes of “Aloof Lovers” to the introspective depth of “Mind” and the uplifting energy of “Pray,” “The Vibe” promises a musical voyage that resonates with audiences of all tastes.


The lead single, “Journey,” features the collaborative talents of Aseri & Fire Mkido. This dynamic track not only highlights Ta Liebe’s vocal prowess but also introduces a fusion of styles that adds an extra layer of excitement to the EP.


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Ta Liebe’s unique sound draws inspiration from the golden era of the 90s, infusing it with a modern twist that sets him apart in the contemporary music scene. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and craft meaningful lyrics has garnered him a dedicated fan base.

Other standout tracks on the EP include “Home Melodies,” a soul-stirring composition that reflects the essence of love and belonging, and the titular track, “The Vibe,” which serves as the heartbeat of this remarkable musical collection.



“The Vibe” EP is a testament to Ta Liebe’s artistry, showcasing his growth as an artist while staying true to the authentic sound that has endeared him to fans. With its diverse range of songs, this EP is bound to resonate with listeners seeking a rich and immersive musical experience.


Ta Liebe invites music enthusiasts and fans alike to join him on this musical journey with the release of “The Vibe” EP. Available on all major streaming platforms, this collection promises to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.