From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

The Chief Executive Officer of Surprise Pub and Cafe, Mr. Matthew Evbakor Oshodin, will on 28, January, light up Benin City, the Edo State capital with the presence of Sunday Stereo Osakuni, popularly called Original Stereoman Ekwe.

Addressing newsmen in Benin ahead of the Legendary Concert 0.3 Stereoman Ekwe, Mr. Oshodin said that, the state, being the heartbeat of the nation, will continuously live up to its true meaning.

He said the citizens of the state who just came out from the festive season, are still demanding for what will keep them happy like the Oliver Twist who always ask for more.

Oshodin said he has listened to their demand, and has made up his mind to be the one to champion their course by inviting a guest artiste to light up their mood.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Surprise Pub and Cafe added that the only thing that can keep the minds of youths from crimes and foster unity among them, is to bring them together under one roof where they can listen to one of their favourite artistes, Ekwe.

The hospitality mogus maintained that a lot of young persons have gotten their inspirations from attending an event like this.

Oshodin added that the citizens will be happy to listen to original Stereoman’s new songs including “E Dey Pain Me Gaga (Mixed)”, and many more.

He said the Legendary Concert 0.3 Stereoman Ekwe, being the first artiste to have been invited into the state this year, is just the beginning of other good things to be unfolded by Surprise Pub and Cafe in the state.