By Damiete Braide 

Medicine and Law are two professional courses in the Nigerian university system (NUS) that many youths desire to study because they are seen as prestigious and lucrative courses.

In the university, undergraduates spend six years studying the two courses and, if they want to specialize in a particular area, they spend more years becoming experts. 

The Education Report sought the views of students in senior secondary school about their choice of study. 

Stella Gabriel, an SS3 student of Datem Height Comprehensive College, said, “I prefer to study Law because it is about creating peace and looking for solutions to issues. This is what judges do in society. I love to see peace in society and that is why I will like to study Law.”

Omoyemi Thompson, an SS2 student of Trophy Guide Secondary School, Akesan, said: “I want to study Medicine because doctors talk less compared to lawyers. I want to become a gynecologist to help women give birth to children safely.”

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On the other hand, Omo Stella, an SS3 student of Ebu-Field Secondary School, told our correspondent that she preferred to study Law to help protect the rights of people and particularly criminal law because it would help curb crime in society. 

“Law helps to maintain order, resolve disputes among parties and protect individuals and properties,” Omo added.

For Favour Nwankwo, an SS1 student of Glorious World Secondary School, Ewedogbon: “I would love to study Medicine because, when I was six and nine years old, I was operated on by a surgeon, who saved my life. I would like to save the lives of others too, that is why I want to become a surgeon.”

Victor Wobiloh, an SS3 student of Feranmi Comprehensive High School, said: “I want to study Medicine because science subjects are more interesting. Science is about discovering new things and inventing new drugs or vaccines. Medicine has to do with treating people and I want to put more effort into the development of new drugs or vaccines to treat people and cure diseases worldwide.”

In her contribution, Glory Adaba, an SS1 student of BrainBells Secondary School, Oluti explains: “ I prefer to study Medicine because it will give me the opportunity to make a direct impact in providing care, healing, and improving people’s health. This is very fulfilling to me. The medical field will also continually improve my skills and knowledge due to the fact that there is always something new to learn. This means there is always the need to stay up to date with the latest research, technology in medicine, and its uses. 

“Medicine also offers a wide range of easy options ranging from general practice to specialized fields. Medicine will grant me financial stability in that I will get to help humanity by saving lives and also earn good money.”