By Philip Nwosu 

Stride ERP has announced changes to its standard package with eight modules set to be removed and repackaged as add-on products effective from today.

Stride ERP, an enterprise resource planning solution, was launched on November 3, 2020 with the aim to modernise and integrate business processes like sales, accounting, client relations, project and asset management, human resources and payroll, and so much more all-in-one system and make it affordable for businesses of all size.

In a global New Year address, the Chief Executive Officer of Stride ERP, Nnamdi Azogu, announced a major change to the brand’s standard package and licensing. 

According to Azogu, eight products will be dropped from the default suite and will only be made available as add-ons on request. The change will take effect from today.

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All active users will retain access to all products deployed in their current packages. However, new users will only be able to access the exiting products if they activate any one of Stride ERP’s basic, professional or comprehensive licenses before the deadline, after which they will be deployed as paid add-ons.

Azogu explained that the brand’s goal to be the leading provider of ERP solutions for small, medium and large enterprises informed the decision to repackage the product suite, such that each license category is affordable and accommodates all business sizes while providing options to scale.

The eight products that will be dropped from the standard package include sales management, payroll, budget management, project management, electronic document management system, learning management system, fleet management, and help desk management.

Azogu also disclosed the brand’s intention to launch job recruitment and eCommerce products as part of Stride ERP’s add-on suite in 2023. These products will assist businesses in streamlining their hiring and sales process respectively.