Afrobeats singer and songwriter, Victor Giwa, also known as Frush, collaborates with the integrative nobility of the Nigerian music industry to create the new song Streets. He said that there is something about the sound source that inspires him to launch such an African song. 


The song discusses fondness in the context of brotherhood and how exclusive and weird the streets can be. He claims it is one of his groundbreaking songs since it recalls his struggles to succeed in life while on his travels and in the streets.


Frush sings and rhymes concerning his journey in the heart of the streets and how he wanted to attain the sparkling aspects of life in his song “Street,”. The song also has performance priorities of soul music and afrobeat.


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In response, some analysts who examined the popular single commended it for showcasing Frush’s breadth of artistic experience. Thus Frush leverages his diverse audio toolbox to convey the hotly debated song, yet.


The artist claims that when people merge forces, they create magic but the streets have lost their cheerfulness. As a result, through his single, he aimed to capture what occurs when people meet, and then when they make critical decisions together.


On the other hand, what listeners undergo in the song is the apex of what completion expresses, and the artist did not begin writing the song until he perfected the art of pure emotion. As such, the song “Streets”, is a breath of fresh air on the radio.