In a bid to develop talents In line with its 10-year strategic roadmap,the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has partnered Enactus Nigeria for the implementation of its local content development program – the Nigerian Content Science and Technology Innovation Challenge (STIC).

The Nigerian Content STIC is an enterprise development program designed to challenge students of all accredited Nigerian tertiary institutions to stretch their ingenuity and apply science & technology, to create home-grown, innovative, and technologically driven business solutions that address some of our pressing everyday problems, accelerate reverse-innovation and create wealth, while also providing job opportunities for the growing numbers of the unemployed people in Nigeria. The STIC is also structured to provide opportunity for the successful applicants to experience top-of-the-range personal and professional development through a mentorship program integrated into the project implementation. The successful applicants will also be applying themselves to the rigours of market research, critical thinking, ideation, product development &marketing, implementation, performance control, and proof of concept as they attempt to create their unique business solutions consistent with the winning ideas for the STIC.

Speaking at the official launch of the NC STIC in Lagos last week, the Executive Secretary NCDMB, Mr. Simbi Wabote, enunciated how universities in developed countries have played key roles in innovation, research & development and adaptation of new technologies.

However, he said Nigerian Universities have over the years remained less-aggressive in pursuing expanded educational goals that will promote the commercialization of research products to promote rapid industrial growth and create jobs for our youths.  He stated that supporting the creation and management of research-based, sustainable entrepreneurial ventures will not only fast-track the achievements of the Board’s 10-year strategic roadmap, but will also spark technological innovation across Nigerian universities.

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He disclosed that the NC STIC, which is open to all undergraduates in accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria provides a unique platform for students and tertiary institutions, `to embrace and imbibe the concept of Research and Development (R&D) in creating sustainable innovative solutions to life’s problems.

Also speaking, the Country Director of Enactus Nigeria, Mr. Michael Ajayi, expressed optimism in the potential of the Science and Technology Innovation Challenge (STIC), to positively engage the Nigerian youths, create job opportunities and discourage capital flight.

He added that STIC is also designed to encourage Nigerian students to embrace entrepreneurship as a career option by supporting the development of entrepreneurial ventures, promoting reverse-innovation and reducing the incidence of unemployment in the country.

Ajayi thanked the management team of the NCDMB for the courage and commitment to invest in the youth population of Nigeria through the STIC and stated that such deliberate and targeted investments like these truly prepare the youths of today to succeed and thrive now and in the future.