Stallion Motors Limited has enjoined competitors and motorists to fit Microdots digital security device, just as it deployed the application in select brands, including Nissan, Honda, Hyundai and Changan vehicles that are assembled and distributed by the company and its subsidiaries in Nigeria.

Also known as DataDots, Microdots DNA is a mechanical pepper spray that is applied in multiple discreet locations on a vehicle, including older brands of automobiles, to deter theft and prevent illicit trade of stolen parts, habitually pilfered from Micro-dotted vehicles by delinquents.

This suggests that all Nissan, Honda, Hyundai or Changan brands of vehicles purchased from any of the Stallion Motors’ accredited dealerships have been fitted on-line with Microdots to deter theft and forestall undue vandals.

Since its invention in the 1800s, when they were first used during the Franco-Prussian War as a message system until they are revamped, Microdots have showed capabilities for risk management and recovery; reducing premiums paid on insurance and enhancing frequency of recovering stolen vehicles just as it promises peace-of-mind for vehicle owners.

Late last year, Stallion Motors Limited was appointed the official distributor of Microdot in Nigeria by DataDot Technology South Africa (Pty) Limited primarily to check wanton theft of motor vehicles and traded stolen parts, while it stimulates confidence in the country’s evolving automotive industry.

Plans are now underway to educate and inform law enforcement agents, especially the Police, as well as insurance firms in Nigeria, of the benefits of Microdots, while sensitizing motorists on the need to get their vehicles Micro-dotted.

Stallion/DataDot Nigeria Head of Sales and Marketing, Santhosh Kumar who gave this hint in Lagos also explained that the DataDot Technology works such that the micro-dotted vehicles, including their parts are uniquely assigned with an identity that can only be linked to the rightful owner.

“This coded identityforestalls theft and intruders, and in the case of theft, it makes recovery of the stolen vehicle an easy task, while it simultaneously acts as a deterrent to thieves and intruders,” Mr. Kumar said.

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Already in use in sane climes, DataDotpioneered microdot technology in South Africa in 2001 and are being used extensively to protect vehicles and assets.

“We are excited to introduce this new offering across Nigeria to enhance the positive experience of owning a vehicle without having to worry about the activities of vandals, who are habitually renowned for vandalizing cars,” Mr. Kumar said.

Already fitted in more than four million vehicles (about 70 percent) of automobiles in South Africa, Microdot are uniquely marked with polymer particles of 1mm or 0.5mm in diameter called microdots, which are literally the size of a pin head that can only be viewed by a magnifier and traceableto the rightful owner.

Mr. Kumarsaid “DataDot is the number one option for your theft prevention needs and it is virtually impossible to locate let alone removing the microdots,a characteristic that makes it extremely difficult for thieves to sell micro-dotted assets without being apprehended.”

He urged motorists, fleet owners including truck and equipment managers to Microdot their assets to get the authorized DataDot App, which allows users to (i) link the DataDot PIN to the asset owner, (ii) allow users to share information, (iii) flag stolen vehicles and (IV) keep records of vehicle services.

Meanwhile, talks are progressing with the National Automotive Industry Development Council (NAIDC) to ensure other automobile brands including those imported and assembled in the country are urgently micro-dotted, Mr.Kumar affirmed.

Stallion Motors who are vehicle assemblers and franchisees of multiple brands of automobiles said: “We are proud to be part of a program which supports the automotive industry with the DataDot security DNA that gives customers peace-of-mind and increase trust in our brands.”

It is hoped the introduction of DataDot Micro-dotted DNAinto the Nigerian automotive market would mark a significant turnaround in the growth ofdigital security system, opines Mr. Kumar.