By Brown Chimezie 

Amani Health has introduced the “Speak Up Now” campaign to educate and enlighten more students about negative behavioural patterns such as trauma, sex abuse, anxiety, suicide and other social maladies.

At an event recently, its founder, Fasuyi Oluwarotimi, said: “A child’s condition should not be a family secret. Parents should speak out and seek help. As a company, we care so much about the formative years of children because we believe that it is the year the necessary changes can be made. So, it’s not time to keep silent but to speak out and pay attention.

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“The goal of the campaign is to educate, enlighten and help students develop an understanding of their emotional, behavioural, social and psychological wellbeing and encourage them to prioritize their own mental well-being.

“The campaign will consist of a series of interactive and engaging activities, workshops and events designed to educate and enlighten students about reducing societal stigma surrounding mental health, having healthy school-life balance, identifying negative behavioural patterns among children such as trauma, anxiety, abuse, suicide, social isolation, aggression, stress, neglect, domestic violence, bullying, peer influence, academic challenges, etc, and how they can seek help, if needed.

“We believe that prioritising mental health education for students is crucial to creating a more positive and healthy learning environment and can also help prevent the development of serious mental health problems such as suicide, academic challenges, anxiety, depression, aggression, violence, etc, and by educating students to recognise and manage their emotions.”