From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Anambra state governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo has commenced the rehabilitation of ten roads in Okpoko in Ogbaru local government area of the state.

The roads include; Obodo-Owerri Rd 5.77km, Oguagu- Ik Onuorah-Anumudu-Mgbuka- Amazu-Owerri Rd -2.97km, Edeh Road-School rd-Awalite – Ojoto-Owerri rd 1.48km, School rd- umuobom Street-Ojoto Street Junction -0.58km and Umuobom st (Ojoto st Junction-Adazi ani st- Owerri Rd- 0.77km.

Others are Umenweke st (Obodoukwu Junction)-Umeojiakor st ( School Rd Junction)-0.58km, (Ojoto Junction)-Anumudu (Mgbuka Amazu Junction)0.99km, Uzii st- Mission st (Awaited Junction) 0.54km and Anumudu street (ik Onuorah Junction )- Gmi Rd- 0.38km.

The governor while flaging-off work at Okpoko, said that the visit to Okpoko was his fourth time in Okpoko since the inception of his administration.

“What we have come for today, is the promise we made to you. Let me say this very important thing. When I ran for governorship, there were three local governments I transversed, and the images I saw kept haunting me.”

“These local governments are; Ogbaru, Anambra West and Awka North. I couldn’t believe that there were still places like this in Anambra. I made up my mind that these Council Areas would feel the impact of government. The rainy season is almost over.
Every local government would feel our impact.” Governor Soludo said

“We must give life to the population in Okpoko, because they are also part of Anambra. We are conducting a study on how to provide water in Okpoko. Okpoko will rise. We will move together.” Governor Soludo reassured

“We are looking for a space for General Hospital. We are also looking for a recreational ground within Okpoko. Life will come here.” Soludo further said

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The Governor also reassured the people of the durability of the roads “The roads that we are building, the design is done in such a way that it will be strong as we have made the contractor to sign an undertaking that the roads will be durable for at least 20 years.

The Governor stated that about 3 kilometers of the Okpoko road will have a pedestrian walkway, while also tasking Okpoko people to keep their surroundings clean at all times

“We will start a different campaign of cleaning the drainage systems. Set up a community watch by yourselves, to set an example for others to emulate.” The Governor concluded.

“We will also embark on the construction of the 11 kilometer Mmiata Anam road which has culverts and one bridge, which is 70 meters into the road spanning 120 meters.

“When completed, the road will be highly beneficial to the Community and environs which is usually flood-prone.

“The road will also boost agro-economy of the area in particular and Anambra State in general, as the people are well known for rice production, fish, yam, vegetables, potatoes, among others. When completed, the people will no longer ferry their products to Edo and Delta

The Governor added that Phase 2 of the project will be the remaining 1.7 kilometers to the local government headquarter, while the Phase 3 will be to embark on the Onono road if Kogi state agrees to a partnership. When all these phases are completed, traveling to Abuja will be roughly three hours.

He noted that if achieved, Anambra West will become the gateway from Anambra to the North, noting that fifty percent advance payment will be paid to the contractor before the project commences.