Starting off as a kid actor in 1999 and featured in such big budget movies such as ‘Executive Billionaires,’ ‘Gods of Liberation’ and the likes, Udaya Chidiebere Awesome had to temporarily quit as his involvement in acting as it negatively affected his examination grades.

Several years later, he returned to the industry, he didn’t get a second chance, however, it was the era of skit making and he ventured into it and it worked like magic and ‘Deacon Famous’ was born.

Speaking about lucrative skit making has been he mentioned,”

Skit making is more rewarding because it gets people attention more than movies and can be easily shared by other people. It doesn’t require anybody promotion, your fans do the work and the money made online is way more than what many actors receive per movie.”

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With over 103k followers on Instagram; 41k on Youtube and 168k on Facebook, Udaya, a graduate of  Criminology and Security Study from National Open University and History and International Relations said he hopes to win more souls for Jesus Christ and reduce the rate of crime in the society through content.

For the comedian he believes that, “What makes my work different is that all my content has a message; a message that solves social, moral, spiritual and societal issues. What makes a good content is story line, picture quality and humor.”

Though he is raking in good money from his line of business but he lamented that lack of government funding, sponsorship, lack of support from close friends are the major challenges.