By Steve Agbota

The Nigeria Shippers Council (NSC) has concluded plans to enforce registration for port service providers and users who fail to register on the council’s online portal by the third quarter of the year 2024.

The Executive Secretary of the NSC, Mr. Pius Akutah, who was represented by the Director of Consumer Affairs of the Council, Cajetan Agu, disclosed this while speaking at a sensitisation programme with stakeholders on the registration of regulated port service providers and users in Lagos.

He pointed out the importance of adherence to the online registration requirements by all service providers in the port, saying that it was in line with the duties of the council as enshrined in Section 4 of the NCS’s regulation of 2015.

He hinted that the registration was geared towards having a database of genuine port service providers and users as well as ‘Knowing Your Customers’ policy.

The NSC boss highlighted the evolution of payment processes from manual to automated systems within the council and underscored the benefits of registration, including access to crucial information and the eradication of anonymous shippers.

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He emphasised the mandatory nature of the registration, warning that non-compliant entities would face serious consequences.

“The sanctions awaiting defaulters include withdrawal of NSC services and restrictions on port operations. Only 185 port service providers and users have registered so far,

Stakeholders must acquaint themselves with the online registration process to avoid penalties,” Akujobi added.

According to Akujobi, despite a notable uptake in registration among international service providers, the council is concerned with the lagging compliance among Nigerian counterparts.

“I want to urge stakeholders to swiftly register with the council to capitalise on the myriad of benefits associated with NSC registration,” he said.