Renowned relationship coach Olawunmi Esan has released her latest book, “Sexcapades,” designed to help couples reignite their passion and deepen their intimate connections. Drawing from years of professional experience, Olawunmi addresses common challenges in long-term relationships and offers practical advice for enhancing sexual fulfillment.


Olawunmi Esan’s extensive work with couples revealed a recurrent issue: many couples struggle to maintain a passionate and fulfilling intimate life. “You see a lot of couples who are married but live like flatmates,” Olawunmi explains. “They get along, share common ground, have children, but a lot is missing in the bedroom.”


Olawunmi noticed that intimacy often takes a back seat as the realities of life set in. “Sexcapades” aims to help couples prioritize and enjoy great sex and fulfilling intimacy, emphasizing that a healthy sex life is crucial for a strong marriage. “If every other aspect of the marriage is great but sex is not, it’s a problem,” says Olawunmi. “But if sex is amazing, it strengthens the bond between couples and brings more joy to their lives and home.”


Readers of “Sexcapades” can expect transformative insights that will enhance their sex lives dramatically. The book encourages couples to think beyond the ordinary and opens their minds to the pleasurable possibilities in their intimate lives. Olawunmi’s guidance aims to positively impact relationships, making intimacy a source of joy and connection.

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Olawunmi’s professional experiences working with married clients heavily influenced the content of “Sexcapades.” The book is crafted to provide solutions that help married couples rediscover the joy of sex and intimacy, offering practical advice rooted in real-life scenarios.


“Sexcapades” stands out from other books in its genre by being an action-oriented resource. Olawunmi describes it as a tool rather than just literature. It includes preludes, guides, action steps, and points, making it a practical guide that teaches couples how to enjoy amazing sex. This hands-on approach makes “Sexcapades” a unique and invaluable resource for couples.


Olawunmi Esan envisions “Sexcapades” radically transforming the intimate lives of couples, fostering deeper bonds and greater closeness. The ultimate aim of the book is for its impact to extend beyond the bedroom, enriching family life and creating a joyful environment for children. Olawunmi believes that happiness and fulfillment in a couple’s relationship can positively influence their entire family, providing a model of a joyful and connected partnership for their children.

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