From Paul Orude, Bauchi

Senator Aminu Iya Abbas, representing Adamawa Central Senatorial District, has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to democracy, good governance, and service to humanity. The North East Youths and Elders Peoples Forum presented him with the Exemplary Leadership Award.

The group’s Secretary General, Hon. Lawal Abdullahi, explained that the decision to honour Senator Iya was based on a thorough research among senators in the Northeast. “We discovered Senator Iya performed creditably well as a senator, a grassroots politician who always remains connected with his people by traversing through the difficult terrains with landmark projects and rendering numerous services to humanity,” Abdullahi stated.

The award was bestowed upon Senator Iya in recognition of his sincere contributions to national issues and his commitment to promoting sustainable democracy and good governance.

Abdullahi further explained that the decision to present the award was made at the group’s Executive Council meeting held at Chartwell Hotel Bauchi. He described Senator Iya as a patriotic and true Nigerian whose dedication to his country is unquestionable.

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“We are also using this medium to hail his abilities in managing people of his constituency and Adamawa State politically, especially how he manages people and provides leadership with loyalty, tolerance, trust, and hard work,” Abdullahi said. “This should be an example to others of what godfatherism should be.”

The group acknowledged Senator Iya’s lifetime achievements, his strong relationships with his people, and his outstanding success as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They emphasized his positive impact on the lives of the people of Adamawa Central Senatorial District, based on a comprehensive fact-finding mission conducted by the Forum.

“Senator Iya is the best senator who impacted positively on the lives of the people of Adamawa Central Senatorial District, based on a fact-finding mission and searchlight carried out by the Forum between 2023 to 2024,” Abdullahi stated. “Senator Iya won the Heart Of The People Of Adamawa State As A grassroots Politician; this is evident going by the provision of the basic democratic dividends to the people of his Adamawa Central Senatorial district.”

The group highlighted Senator Iya’s philosophy and his genuine concern for his people, which is reflected in his constant interaction with them. They commended his ability to live harmoniously and peacefully with his state government, leaders, and other political figures.