By Billy Graham Abel, Yola

Nigeria’s senate President, Ahmed Lawan, has showered praises on the senator representing southern Adamawa, Binos Dauda Yaroe, for his consistency in funding a medical outreach that is now in its seventh stage since assuming office in 2019.

Lawan said, Binos’s focus, vision and enterprise, exemplifies how spirited individuals in Nigerian communities can add value to government and governance by making available to their constituents the overall essence of constitutional goals of public good.

Ahmed Lawan made this known in a speech he delivered at the seventh edition of the medical outreach in Jada local government of Adamawa state.

Lawan who was represented by Senator Bulus Amos said, the
A free medical outreach which is estimated to have reached over fifty thousand persons in Adamawa state, exemplifies the spirit of the ninth senate in its resolve to improve the lot of Nigerians.

Lawan said electing good leaders like Senator Binos, is the only guarantee that Nigeria’s future will be great.

Ahmed Lawan said, “The consistency of Sen. Yaroe is remarkable leading to the 7th edition in what shows not only an interest in the public good but a sacrificial endeavour that is worthy of emulation.

“Sen. Yaroe’s commitment to sponsoring this programme now in its seventh stage underscores the importance of sustainability not only in public sector activities but in public-spirited exercises.

“It also highlights how individual leaders can add value to government efforts in the provision of utilities and services, consistent with overriding constitutional expectations for ensuring the wellbeing of the people.

“In being regular with the outreach, senator Yaroe epitomises the disposition of the ninth senate towards the citizens, regarding policies and programmes that seek to improve their lots.”

Lawan stressed that actions of Binos, “Illustrates the fact that leadership is not about pleasing the self but prioritizing the interest of the communities and meeting their yearnings and aspirations. Information that a lot of other lives , asides from those from his constituency, have also benefitted from this additionally is commendable.

“This shows selflessless and a zeal to extend relevant benefits to as many as possible. I commend senator Yaroe for this effort and I am most confident that it will continue.”

Speaking on the significance of the outreach and what it means to Nigerians, he said, “The programme is a worthy addition that can be given to support regular medical institutions in the light off he increasing demand for primary healthcare to enhance citizens productive capacity.

“I urge citizens of Adamawa South Senatorial District and indeed the people of Adamawa state as a whole, to continue their support for the government, realizing that all hands are on deck to improve their living conditions.

“Nigeria belongs to us all and we have to make it work by ensuring that we live in peace and harmony , irrespective of our differences. Adamawa is a great state, filled with illustrious citizens. We should count the state in working for peace and progress of our democracy.”

speaking to Adamawa residents and the significance of electing good leaders he said, “The people have done rightly in the past and I am most assured they will continue to do well in the future.

“The example of Senator Yaroe is good enough to demonstrate to all and sundry that the prospect is bright when we elect good leaders.

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“I thank the distinguished senator for this gesture and I wish you more strength as you continue to work for the good of your constituents.”

Speaking at the occasion, Binos Dauda Yaroe said, this is the seventh edition of the outreach and this is significant because the facility is the best, just as the turnout is the largest since we started.

“We have done a similar outreaches in Numan, Toungo and we are here in Jada to do the same.

“The joy of this project is that we have been able to reach people who do not have any way to help themselves by bringing quality healthcare to their door steps.

“We do this without any prejudice of religion or ethnicity, they deserve it just because they are Nigerians and citizens.”

Speaking on the low investment in health sector in Nigeria, the senator used the occasion to commend the Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for investment in the health sector in the state in an obvious attempt to make basic health facilities available to the people of the state.

“Everyone should do the little they can to help the system, this is what I can do. I may not be able to build hospitals but I can bring quality healthcare to my constituents.

“The challenge we have is not whether Nigerians seek medical help outside the country but that there is the need to upgrade our facilities so that our experts can work in them and give us the best.

“So I think, the emphasis should be more about policies that would improve our facilities rather than the one that would compel individuals not to seek medical help elsewhere.

“We have well trained medical practitioners, what we need is investment in the best facilities and infrastructure.”

The senator representing southern Gombe who also represented the Senate President, Bulus Amos, speaking on the impact of the outreach said, “I am overwhelmed with what I saw.

“I am also amazed at the testimonials coming from the people who said this is the best they have ever seen from their representatives.

“Like the senator said, we all can do only what we can, to add value to human lives and thid is what is going on here.”

Giving an overview of the outreach, the head of the medical outreach, Wycliffe Dar Telemoh said, about 6800 patients have been attended to, that the outreach have performed about 223 surgeries, attended to some 300 prison inmates and prison staff families.

Dar said, “1900 patients have been attended to in the laboratory, we have done 223 eye procedures, about 700 glasses have been disbursed and the dentist have treated about 500 patients.

“The outreach has been good and the turnout has been large. We still have about 6 hours to the end of today, we might attain our target of reaching about seven thousand patients or more.

“Within the seven local governments we have been conducting the outreach, we have reached over fifty thousand people.”