By Zika Booby and Christopher Oji

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The legal tango between Suru Worldwide Ventures Nigeria Limited, Access Bank Plc Limited and Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria  (AMCON) has taken another dimension and eliciting global attention.
This time, the Supreme Court Judgment provides Suru Worldwide Ventures Nigeria Limited, the appellant in the long-drawn case, the leeway to obtain justice.
On Friday, February 16, 2024, the judgment of the Supreme Court, Lagos, nullified the takeover of the multibillion-naira landed properties of Suru Worldwide Ventures Nigeria Limited by AMCON.
AMCON, under the leadership of Ahmed Kuru, had moved to take over the company’s properties. Kuru was sacked recently by President Bola Tinubu and replaced by Mr. Gbenga Alade.
The Court, presided over by Justice Emmanuel Agim, in his ruling, affirmed the lower court’s decision to immediately halt the company’s takeover, and ordered a new hearing at the High Court.
Agim said, “I find no merit in this appeal.”
The Appellate Court, in its lead judgment by Justice Ugochukwu Ogakwu, lampooned AMCON for failing to join Suru Worldwide Ventures Nigeria Limited as a defendant in the suit before the Federal High Court and had rendered the takeover order a nullity.
However, AMCON’s spokesman, Jude Nwauzor, said it was not yet Uhuru for Suru, advising, “Please read the Supreme Court pronouncement again. It referred the parties back to the Federal High Court, which is the court of first instance.”
Reacting after the verdicts, Suru Group Boss, Edward Akinlade described the Supreme Court judgment as remarkable, saying it attested to the fact that it is the last hope of the common man in the country.