“Dear Prof thanks a lot. I must say after using the oil as directed, I had very good and noticeable changes around me. One of which was my elder sister who was patronizing hospitals regularly as a result of different kinds of illness, she got healed to the glory of God…God bless you sir…” Chief Imo 08055133757.

 “Dear Prof I am happy that the lord has through your oil healed me of a serious sickness that was caused by my wife who bewitched me over a little problem that issued out between us. She went to a prayer house and got a spiritual material with which she cooked for me and poisoned me. It was a serious case but when I ordered your oil, the matter took a different dimension because she was exposed contrary to my expectation.

The night I started my mid-night prayer, she was restless and did all she could to stop me from praying, I persisted. Four days to the prayer, my wife got up at about 1:30am and started shouting that she was responsible for all my woes…I was amazed and she finally became sick from that day, as a Christian that I am, I have forgiven her and I want God to heal her.

Her man friend who took her to the evil prophet has equally confessed to me and he is down at the same time. The story is too long but God has set me free. I am completely surprised that it happened so soon.  Sir, do me the favour to publish this but not with my details…God will continue to keep you for us…” (Names and contact withheld).

“Prof, someone gave me a cola-nut during burial in my village and i ate it and later testified to the good work of God on how I was freed through the use of your oil; something very strange happened in my in-laws place last week. I went there with the remaining oil to pray for my father in-law who has been bed-reading for years.

After praying for him, I anointed him with the oil and left, this happened about 7pm and at about 3am (early morning) a mighty snake came out of his bed room from nowhere and died.  The same morning my father in law stood up from the sick bed and became healed. Join us to thank God for this miracle, a man that has been sick for ten years… God bless you sir.” Bro Linus Dike Email [email protected]

In the case of cluster of trees or any obstacle, the fellow repeats the incantation as he/she was taught and through the aid of some forces, you will burn off the obstacle and continue to move ahead. One may embark on this exercise by 8pm to 2am for a break of about 30minutes. Within this period some other spiritual aids had come to talk to the people in one way or the other.

The helpless enquirers came with heterogeneous type of problems ranging from mirroring to know the cause of the death of a dear one, car theft recovery, the cause of one’s ill-luck and periscoping into what happens in the nearest future.

When the viewing becomes very difficult, the operators would urge the viewers to try harder with their faith in Jesus while, some were told to burn off whatever blocked their psychic space to grantee passage to the unknown. As one begins to look on the red tip of the candle, ones mystical eyes begins to open and the one will begin to see what he/she desires to see.

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For those using mystical mirror, they will see who is responsible for whatever they seek. If one is seeking for who killed either his father or her mother, the moment your consciousness is exposed to the mirror, the evil forces will expose many things about your request. Indeed you will get to know who killed your mother or who is responsible for your failures in life.

In the mystical mirror, you will ultimately meet with some higher spirits who will reveal what you desire to know and finally enslave you. They establish mystical contact with the viewer such that makes the viewer to experience lost of memory and begins to misbehave after viewing the mirror. Some have died through this process.

I recently talked to a young lady who was accused of killing her husband because she desired to marry another. Though the woman was innocent, but the entire members of the family decided to visit the omniscient mirror in order to find out if the lady was truly innocent. The lady’s father in-law initiated the movement. They went and discovered that the lady was very innocent but unfortunately when the contact was subtly established, her father in-law lost memories and became mad.

Every effort that was made to bring him to a state of normalcy, all proved abortive. The madness cum mental disorder continued until he was introduced to me by her daughter in-law; I therefore, informed them of the danger involved in seeking solution outside Christ.

I again introduced them to my anointing oil which he used and became normal. Many people do not know why the viewer of such mirror usually looses his/her memory, the reason is because the evil spirit by the incantations involved automatically opens the person’s third eyes and establishes immediate contact with the physical unit of the person. This unwarranted contact has madness as its resulting effect.

Through the power of Christ, the person could be set free and begins to enjoy his life once again. There is nothing Christ cannot do for his children. The Apostles witnessed a particular man who was a great sorcerer and consequently bewitched the people of Samaria with same.

They gave him great attention which in turn attracted respect hence Simon was posing as a great man of God, in recognition to this, the Samarians confessed “This man is the great power of God”… Act 8:10.

By this confession however, the people of Samaria were of the conviction that Simon was using divine power of God in working “miracles”. This conviction was hitherto nourished by the solution many of them received from and through the power that worked through Simon.

He claimed to be of God as a result many believed him. Today there are many Prophets, Pastors, and Evangelists to mention but a few that are workers of iniquity. They are like Simon the sorcerer who posed as a real man of God but inwardly was a wolf. Their intension is to bewitch and hypnotize people with their sorcery that is coated in prophesy. Today, many sorcerers are here and they are posing as agents of lights commanding crowd and deceiving people with false solutions that do not last.