“I am Mr. Uzoka a native of Nsukka in Enugu State. As I send this mail to you sir, I feel so happy because God has proved to be God in my case through the use of your anointing oil. It all started when I opened a small company to add to my personal business as a banker. I was doing very well until I employed a man to head my business. He finally frustrated me and mismanaged my funds. When I discovered it, I sacked him and never bothered myself about him. The young man went on to plan so many evils against me. I lost my good job for what I did not know about; sickness that could not be diagnosed and dictated in any medical laboratory made my life worthless. As a result, I was introduced to a fake man of God who took undue advantage of my case and manipulated me. Though when I met him, he healed me with his occult power but I was not recalled to my job. He told me of the need to make sacrifices with black god, casket and all that, I was amazed and left him in anger. He brought back the whole sickness to me with his evil powers and I lived in fear. I tried other men of God but could not get result and was about going back to him before someone gave me your article. I read it and contacted you. When you introduced me to your oil, I ordered it and followed your instructions, the entire sickness disappeared and I became healed. Today, the manager has confessed to me and has asked for forgiveness. I have forgiven him but God is still dealing with him. Two weeks ago, I was recalled to my job…God who has done this through you be praised.
– Mr. Ben E. Uzoka. Email [email protected]

I am very grateful to God for using you to open my financial doors. Nothing ever worked in my life. Any business that my friends are doing, if the business notices my presence, it would be blocked automatically; this continued for years and no solution worked for me. I reluctantly contacted you and explained my worries to you, after which you asked me to order some bottles of your oil, which I did. After that, and following your instructions, I did the prayer you asked me to do, something marvelous started unfolding. After the prayer, I noticed that those that never wanted to see me started calling me. My face became what many companies desired to see. Things have changed for good. God bless you for helping me. I now select people that I do business with. Thanks a lot my Prof.
– Mr. Kingsley Udochukwu (Contact withheld)

According to her, she was bamboozled to see the great woman of God use a shovel to open the ground in her bedroom in order to bring out what she claimed was responsible for her suffering and lack of progress, despite the level of her education and well-meaning job. Each time she got her salary, she did not know what happened to her money. Any money she brought home for domestic use usually disappeared. With huge salary, she borrowed money before the end of any month.

The surprising thing was that she was single and did not have any dependant nor did she spends frivolously. The woman of God that specialised in charm exhumation went into her bedroom and was able to exhume charms and other substances like fresh tomatoes, head of a black dog, artificial hair, and cola-nut to mention but a few. The exhumation was aimed at librating the young lady from her sorrows. When she was talking to me, she asked me a serious question thus, “How could a fresh tomato be buried under the earth in my room for over seven years without my knowledge and did not also rotten?” The first thing I did was to laugh at her ignorance, because she did not know it was manipulation. In the first place, there were no tomatoes, dog head, or cola-nut buried for any reason; the aim was for financial extortion.

Majority have ended up getting psychological healing from such centres, not just because there is true power in it. NO! The issue is that when they see things being exhumed from the ground, their minds would be set on immediate freedom from their problems. The projection of their mind in this regard would be empowered by some psychological forces, which would in turn be greeted by momentary relief. This is more psychological than spiritual.
The point I am making here is that the young lady in whose house charms were exhumed did not get the solution to her problems, rather, she got her problems compounded. By the grace of God, when she contacted me on phone and inquired further on what to do in order to be truly freed from her problems, I introduced her to my anointing oil, which she used and prayed with. She finally anointed herself with it and things happened in her life. Her testimony will be published soon.

She is completely free and has started to enjoy her faith in Christ now. God does not allow his children to suffer shame. There are many ways through which agents of darkness put people in bondage. Some of them I have discussed in this column. For instance, facing the sun while praying is one of the ways Satan uses to keep a person in bondage.

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A ‘prophet’ may instruct you to face the east or the sun while praying. This is very wrong because this is another way of submitting to, contacting and worshiping a spirit being in the sun planet called VISVASVAN or A hura Mazda. The moment this spirit is contacted through prayer, he subjectively invokes an element of darkness into you through the rays of the sun and that forms the contact point from where they (the forces of darkness) will begin to monitor and direct you.

The use of ashes for prayer is an abnormal process of praying, this is an indirect way of invoking the astral forces, demons within the first occult kingdom of the air. An agent of darkness may tell you that ash is used to drive away evil forces. I do hope that you are fully aware that one of the chief duties of Satan is to make evil to appear as good so as to lead the sons of men astray.

Ashes are used in contacting higher demons in the astral world, and the moment one uses it, it means that one has received a mark of initiation into the kingdom of darkness.

The use of demonic sand for prayers is another process of contaminating yourself. An agent of darkness posing as a ‘man of God’ may advice you to use sand for prayers. If you do, then let it be known to you that the process by which sand is used for prayer is a direct way of inviting demons operating as ‘ghost’ within the occult kingdom of the earth and handing yourself over to them. Many have lost their lives through this illicit way of praying.

If fake men of God have at one time or the other in your life used sand for prayers, it means you may have contacted demons and have via same process become their slave. You are only free if you have received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If not, you are already dead while living. The bible says, “Therefore, there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 8:1)

I have already discussed the after-effect of bathing in the river as a means of solving one’s problem in this column. Now, in the process of seeking solution, a ‘prophet’ might give you a special soap to bathe with, so that your man or woman could love you the more. You may receive your heart desire, but the forces of darkness within the water realm will transform the foam of the soap into a spiritual net; with this net, you will be covered, dominated and manipulated by the prince of darkness and his agents.