Rykardo Agbor is a Nollywood actor who acts in English and Yoruba movies. Good-looking Rykardo started life as a model before his journey into acting in 1992. Speaking with Sunday Sun, the Cross River State born actor and father of lovely twins spoke about his firsts.

Your first day on stage/set?

It was in 1992. It was a movie from Fidelis Duker and it was quite exciting and eventful. A friend, Leo Marenini, took me down there but we were models then. He told me there was one audition somewhere around Ojuelegba and we went there, I got a role and that was it. For me, he showed me the opportunity to be in Nollywood. The film was titled Visa to hell and was produced by Fidelis Duker. The audition was huge as there were lots of candidates. It was you coming there to showcase your ability or your artistry and it wasn’t a closed-door audition. If you performed better than every other person people applauded and automatically you get the role. It was a sort of straight competition. Obviously, I experienced stage fright, as it was my first. For everyman in life there’s always that fear but your ability to conquer it gives you an edge over your rival. As you keep on shooting you overcome your fright. My first day on stage was quite pleasant.

Your first Yoruba movie?

It was Toko Taya and that was around 2001/2002. It was produced by Kolade Alabi and directed by Simi Opeoluwa. It was a very big movie.

What about your first day as a model?

It was in 1988 at Surulere; a gala advert. Thereafter, I did a couple of runway catwalks.

What about your first trip outside Nigeria?

I traveled with my parents and it was fun, but my traveling first time as an adult was in 1990. It was fun too.

Your first car?

It was a Mercedes 300 Benz I bought in 2001 but I later sold it. I normally use a car for at most three years, after which I sell it, add money and get another one. I have used a couple of cars.

Your first designer outfit?

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I cannot remember. I have always been a fashion buff. Right from secondary school, I have always loved fashion. I really can’t remember my first designer’s outfit.

What about your first pet?

I have a very big dog I named Barca and I have had it now for five years.

Your first embarrassing moment as an actor?

That was over 10 years ago. I was coming from Apapa and I parked my car at Orile, because there was heavy traffic. I then took a bike because I was late for negotiation to do a shoot. I took the bike to Kirikiri area of Apapa for the meeting. On my way back, from Mile Two side, the road was free, so I took a cab and now dropped at Orile where I parked my car. While I was trying to cross, a girl was crossing, so she saw me. I think she’s one of my fans and she was so excited, she didn’t know what to do and we were in the middle of the road trying to run and cross. She just forgot herself standing and starring at me stunned.  I had to pull her off the road to the pavement. I knew she wanted to meet me. I stretched my hand and said I’m Rykardo and she even couldn’t say her name as she was just starring at me and people were looking at us, because of the accident that almost happened before I pulled off the road. She couldn’t tell me her name. I just smiled and that was that.

What about your first girlfriend?

She was like my school sister and she saw her school mother’s younger brother and wondered, “Who is this boy?” We started going out but I won’t mention her name. We were in secondary school then.

What about your first smoke?

I started early. I had a couple of grown-up friends that I played football with and I later joined the smoking spree. I was in secondary school then. I smoked a lot of SM until the day I felt so sick and my mum took me to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed typhoid fever and also told her I had been smoking. My mother denied it and told him her son had never smoked.  She defended me to the core and I felt very guilty and bad that my mum trusted me so much and I wasn’t living up to her expectations.  I resolved to stop smoking thenceforth till date.

What about your first kiss?

It was in primary school.  I was in Primary Five and the class prefect. I kissed her in the classroom.

And first sex?

It was in Class Three. I never dated my junior.