Russia is developing an air-droppable air defence missile system for its airborne forces, which is believed to be the world’s first system of its kind, a news report said on Wednesday.
It said that the system, code-named Ptitselov (Fowler), would be based on the BMD-4M Sadovnitsa (Lady Gardener) airborne armoured assault vehicle.
It added that the tracked BMD-4M Sadovnitsa vehicle is fitted with the Bakhcha-U (Gourd Field) turret, comprising a 100-mm and a 30-mm calibre gun as well as a 7.62-mm machine gun.
“The vehicle, commissioned in 2015, is meant to be used during raids behind the enemy’s lines and is capable of reaching a speed of 70 km per hour,’’ it noted.
Currently, the main antiaircraft battlefield assets of the Russian Airborne Forces are various modifications of the Strela-10 (Arrow-10) missile system, whose basic model was put into service in 1976. (Xinhua/NAN)

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