Fast rising musical duo, Row and Zuwa Agbonayinma, also known as ROZE, are back with another love-themed chartbuster entitled, ‘Stranded’. This is coming after their last single; ‘The Whole Night’ recorded a huge success in the market.

On February 4, their new work, ‘Stranded’ was released on all digital music platforms and is already making waves. Though, ROZE (Row & Zuwa) work on ideas separately and combine their ideas to produce a project, their latest effort, ‘Stranded’ was Zuwa’s idea.

For the sons of politician and music lover, Johnson Agbonayinma and Itohan Agbonayinma, their talent is too diverse to stick to any particular genre of music. They believe it is a natural phenomenon and should be delivered the way the inspiration came.

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The talented duo first appeared in 2014 while working on a test project, ‘Time to Party’, which was never released. However, they later appeared in 2016, having being introduced to producer, Mekoyo, who has produced for top acts like Styl Plus.

Out of the several songs recorded by ROZE, ‘The Whole Night’ was a huge success and it was already making waves in the United States before it was released in Africa. Clarence Peters directed the video.