From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

Human Rights groups Campaign for Democracy (CD) in South East and Human Rights, Liberty Access and Peace Defenders Foundation (HURIDE) have rejected the plan by federal government and Governors to establish State Police.

The groups said that the reason to tackle the growing insecurity across the country was plot to establish private militia group for their political benefits detriment to the masses.

The leader of the groups Dede Uzor in a communique after their meeting alleged that Governors would use State Police against their “perceived Political enemies”.

The rights groups vehemently disagree with the setting up of State Police because Nigeria is not ripe for it.

The groups lamented how the Governors used their taskforce squads/ touts they have recruited to be oppressing, manhandling, maiming and in extreme cases killing their perceived Political opponents and the ordinary man on the street.

Uzor stated that our Governors may not don’t the temperament to control state Police if the power to run their own police.

The groups siad the same way governors holds down Local Government areas funds, saying the governor’s would manipulate the State Police in the same way.

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“Most Governors refused to conduct Local Government elections. Those who conducted just did it for a formality. Nothing is working. They are still controlling the resources of their Local Governments.

“They just fix their cronies there and utilise the money for themselves not for the public” the group alleged.

“They even deployed private militia now in a negative way, what of when the constitution is amended to give them some degree of powers to control State Police?

“If the State Police becomes imperative to help curb insecurity, it should be tailored in a manner they will still take orders from Abuja, saying that after all some of these insecurities in various parts of the country were created by Governors because of their Political ambitions”.

The rights groups accused Governors to have created major problems in the country because of their “excessive fraudulent disposition and high-handedness, challenging them to openly come out and mention the amount of their huge security votes which run in billions of naira illegally and forcefully collected every month from federal allocation”.

The groups further alleged that most Governors in the country outrightly siphon their State Internally Generated Revenues (IGR), wondered what the Governors have been doing with significantly improved revenue allocation due to the removal of subsidies on fuel in recent times.