For about three weeks now, starting from Monday, September 26, 2016, thousands of ex-students have continued to swarm, on daily basis, the premises of the main campus Lagos State University (LASU).
This followed the release, by the university authorities, of 24,734 duly signed certificates, some of which, Campus Sun has learnt, spans more than 10 years.
A press statement issued by the university management and signed by Mr. Martins Ademola Adekoya, of the Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations Department of The Vice Chancellor’s Office, shows that the certificates comprises 21,177 degrees, 3, 418 diploma and 139 NCE certificates.
Further breakdown shows that whereas 2,163 of the certificates, comprising 1,334 degrees and 829 diplomas, belong to graduating students from Faculty of Arts, 3,313 comprising 2,893 degrees, 281 diplomas and NCE belong to Faculty of Education; 1,374, comprising 1,312 degrees and 62 diplomas belong to Faculty of Engineering.
Whereas Faculty of Law has 1,327 certificates, comprising 462 degrees and 865 diplomas, Faculty of Management Sciences has 3, 946 certificates comprising 3,118 degrees and 828 diplomas; Faculty of Science, 1,621 degrees, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2,617 comprising 2, 496 degrees and 121 diplomas and School of Communication, 223, comprising 210 degrees and 13 diplomas. The highest allocation is, said to be for Certificate Unit, with 8,150, made of 7,731 degrees and 419 diplomas.
The collection exercise which saw students swarming Administrative Block 1 of the university, from day to day, starts with compulsory payment of N5, 000 each, for the certificate and N1, 500 for a copy of the convocation brochure, at the LASU branch of Zenith Bank. Here too, crowd of students could be seen each day, trying to fulfill that financial obligation.
To make the process less stressful, the university management decided to divide the days of the release and collection of the certificates. Whereas students of   Faculty of Management Sciences have been collecting theirs on Mondays, students of Social Sciences and Law have been doing so on Tuesdays, Education and Transport on Wednesdays, Arts and Engineering, Thursdays and Science and Social Sciences on Fridays.
But the statement issued by the university indicates that the students have only this week to pay up and collect their certificates or else be prepared to pay a fine of N15, 000, if by the expiration of the period of grace, Friday, October 21, they are yet to do that.

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