Oftentimes, people go into relationships hoping it would last forever. But life happens and they find themselves alone again after investing time, and emotions on the person they love.

It hurts so much to go through a break up and many people make the mistake of rushing into another relationship without taking time to heal from the hurts of their last relationship.

If you are jumping from one bad relationship to the next, it may be a sign that you are taking things a bit too fast and rushing into new relationships without really healing from the past one. New relationships are fragile and rushing through them without taking time might spell disaster.

While many men and women aspire to being in a steady relationship or being married, being single for a while won’t hurt them. A new relationship is extremely exciting and in those first few weeks, when the endorphins are coursing around your body and you feel light headed with romance.

But if you really want your new relationship to last, it’s important to apply the brakes a little and take it easy especially if you are still hurting from your last breakup. It is not advisable to jump into a rebound relationship after your last one.

Below are ten sensible reasons why you should take your time before you rush into a new relationship after a messy breakup.


You need time to heal

If your last relationship was a really bad one, you will need time to get over it. You can’t simply erase someone that you have been close to from your mind. You must have had some feelings for them, at some time. So give yourself a break, before you move on to someone new.

You have plenty of time

Despite what some people say, people can fall in love at any age. So don’t rush things, the right person will come along eventually. You don’t have to jump into a dysfunctional relationship because you want to be with someone.

You might be doing it to prove a point

You might be angry and you may well want to prove that you don’t need your ex, but you can do that, just as well, by being single for a while. Don’t rush into a new relationship, just to prove that you can, that is not the way that something great starts.

You might be just scared of being alone

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Some people are so scared of being alone that they will jump into a relationship, for that reason alone. This is just using the other person and playing with their emotions and it won’t make you happy in the long run either.

Your new partner might be taking advantage of you

Don’t forget that not everyone is always what they appear to be. If you have just come out of one relationship, you might well be vulnerable, so if someone who seems to be too good to be true has come along at ‘just the right time’, make sure that they are not taking advantage of you.

You might be doing it because you are bored

When you first come out of a relationship, you will find yourself with time on your hands. Don’t let this be the reason that you jump straight back into a new one. If you need some company, then go out with friends or family instead.

You might just be craving some physical comfort

Just because someone is there, when you need a cuddle or some comforting, doesn’t mean that they will make an ideal partner. Friends may well offer you a shoulder to cry on, but don’t mistake that for anything more than it is.

You are being influenced by others

Your family and friends are keen to see you happy and they might try and convince you to get back to dating, before you are really ready. Don’t date, just to please them, because that won’t make you happy either.

You may end up giving too much too soon

Hold something back and leave your date wanting more of you rather than less. Avoid spending whole weekends together, jumping into bed too quickly or being constantly online 24/7. If you really want it to last, pace yourself and savour each moment.

You should know that you are worth the wait

You owe it yourself to make sure that you are happy. Rushing into a new relationship too soon is never a good idea. Most importantly, you are special, and you deserve to be happy. Anyone who is worth dating will know this and they will wait until you are ready, so don’t be in a rush.