Award winning actress, moviemaker and entrepreneur, Queen Blessing Ebigieson is one woman who believes in hard work. A goal getter, close pals have often described her as a workaholic as the actress turned moviemaker is always pushing the envelope. And just like she loves working hard, Blessing who has produced over a dozen movies also plays hard.

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After a busy schedule which saw her producing four movies among other projects, Blessing, who had to hawk pepper in order to make ends meet while an undergraduate has jetted out of the country on vacation.

According to an insider who spoke to TS Weekend: “It was indeed a very busy year for Queen. She shot a couple of films under her production company, BQ Productions in 2018/19. They were two English and two Yoruba movies which included Fix It or Kill It which was nominated for an award at the Eko international Film Festival in February of 2019 and Hatred, which featured Charles Inojie, Mojisola and Fred Amata among others.

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“And not forgetting the less privileged. Her foundation, Blessing Ebigieson Foundation hosted the widows and mothers of our fallen heroes in the military on the 14th of February, 2018, and she was honoured with a humanitarian ambassador award by the 9th Brigade of the Nigerian Army so 2018 was quite busy. Obviously overwhelmed and knowing she has to take a break and unwind in order to let off steam, she packed her bag and baggages and traveled to Canada for a well deserved rest like she does every year.”

The source added: “Taking this vacations once or twice a year is very important to her. Some times she goes with her son. Last year they had an amazing 21 days of fun and excitement touring New York City and Texas. This year, she is on the trip alone because her son is in school. She is going to be away for quite a while as she will be visiting cities in Canada, US and Europe before coming back home to face the real world and you can’t blame her, you know, like she always says ‘body no be firewood.'”