The country  Nigeria, has attracted  many  negative comments to itself as a country.  Most often, historians wonder what would be recalled as notable achievements from a country whose leader  stopped the teaching of the subject known as History by even deleting it from the school curriculum just because the leader does not want history to reopen and the cankerworm   recalled some “atrocities” of his  professional constituency over the years. Unfortunately, the image of the country across has nosedived  especially about its leaders are sour taste in the committee of nations.

And has therefore  become a laughing stock even the way we behave politically with Report  about   political leaders stacking away billions  Naira in foreign banks without any remorse. Many  concerned citizens are wary about the image of the country, about what it’s youths have attracted to its motherland. Like gospel preachers would say, they have gone astray and come short of the glory of God. Could it be explained that the country has fallen from glory it used to be known.

The glory in sports and athletics, the glory of educational exploits, financial prowess, literary and medical  achievements, plus the abundance of natural resources yet the country has due to poor planning  become the laughing beggerly country  used to be known as the “giant of Africa”.  Suddenly, the country without a vision was recklessly opened to demonic influences. No wonder the holy scripture described the activities of the demon,” it’s to steal, destroy and kill”. So, the Nigerian demons are already stealing from our commonwealth including our natural resources, destroying the image of the country which is why other countries are denying us their visa while these human demons are gradually killing our existence.

They are gradually killing our economy, education, politics, infrastructures, hospitals and many other important parts that form the fabric of the nation. Today, part of the destruction tactics of these human demon  is the introduction of insecurity that gave birth to insurgency and banditry plus kidnapping  which has become so rampant to the extent that government agencies pull the wool over our eyes any time there is kidnapping case. Take for example the  abduction  incident where  287  school children  of LEA Primary School and Government Secondary school, Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State March 7, 2024 were reportedly abducted by bandits.

It would be recalled that after the  celebrated abduction of the Chibok students, the inspector general of police directed that all schools along the fringes of our national boaders, should be secured and armed policemen posted to each of these schools.

This instruction was temporarily complied with but was jestitioned after a change of police leadership baton. Such  somersault of policy has been the bane of our security agencies. Had well  armed police men been drafted to all the schools along the fringes of our border,  maybe these persistent abductions would have been drastically curtailed. l recalled that principals and headmasters of schools were advised by this columnist both on this column and some  radio stations in the north including Abuja to ensure they install CCTV  camera in their institutions and install automatic remote controlled alarm system that would be linked to any  nearest police station or any other security agency for rapid response. Unfortunately, this clarion advice was not heeded to and the abduction had continued with many innocent  lives wasted. Pertinent questions have been asked since the Kaduna State school abduction. 

While the school authority had been made to keep sealed lips and same with the  police in the state. Answers that should be provided were not forthcoming as the exact number of abducted children  was  not made known to the public and media. While the local media was fronting over three hundred.  and twenty  abducted, the foreign media was announcing over three hundred abducted  until the DEFENCE spokesman  announced over two hundred.

Yet no one disclosed how such large number of children were carted away into the forest with no security agency having an intelligence  hint about the abduction  operation. The question about how the over two hundred children were ferried from the local government to the forest in Zamfara still baffles many observers as the government and the security agencies pulled a thick wool over the eyes of Nigerians. A simple  calculation reasoning would suffice. If they were 287 children abducted and the bandits arrived the school to abduct them, were they in their classrooms or assembly ground when the bandits arrived at the school?

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Also we’re there not security personels at the school gate (weather private or government) Knowing the behavior of children, they would have been screaming and taking to their heels  to escape the impending danger.

More surprising is was how they were able to ferry the children on motorcycles out of the school compound into the road and ended up in the thick forest boardering Kaduna and Zamfara states.

It is assumed that each motor-cycle has the capacity to carry two persons plus the armed rider who l suppose would sling his firearm on his shoulder. So, the bandits arrived the school in one hundred and fourty three motorcycles. What a daring mission by the bandits who must have created a very long convoy of motorcycles. Surely along the way due to their speed, some of the uncomfortable and very stubborn children would have made effort to create confusion that may have attracted repercussions from the  heartless bandits.    

l imagine their arrival at the forest with no police checks nor confrontation along the road, their arrival would automatically  herald spontaneous jubilation as they issued statement demanding for one billion Naira ransom.

The abductors demanded N1billion  for  their release with a  deadline of March 27, 2024, for the payment of the ransome.   Surprisingly after governor Uba Sani met with President Tinubu a wool was also pulled on our eyes when he said: “I spoke with Mr. President several times. He shared our pains, comforted us, and worked round the clock with us to ensure the safe return of the children.”

And suddenly the children were all released. The question is what manner of bandits would go through the eye of a needle to abduct 287 children and demand for such a huge amount and will not make possible their demand despite the open bluff of govvernment that it would not pay any ransome.

Maybe the day would soon come when bandits will open up and tell Nigerians how the government had been paying ransome and pulling wool over our eyes.

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