Ladi Ayodeji

Happy new year to all my readers. I wish you all the best you can possibly have this year. Every New Year presents its own peculiar challenges. The early weeks of January hardly give a hint of how the year would be.

Usually, we start the year like someone who is passing through a tunnel. You only know the beginning of the journey, you never can know how it would end. That’s why, in this country, many rely on spiritual intelligence like prophecy to gain knowledge of the future. Prophecy has its benefits, if given by the right person within the right context. Yet, I won’t have you dwell on predictions because even the Bible admonishes that, “The just shall live by faith.”

At this time of the year, prophets fall over themselves to foretell how the year would be. You’d hear stories about the imminent death of prominent public figures like traditional rulers, politicians, eminent clergymen, athletes, etc. Truly, in the course of the year, you see prominent citizens die, disasters happen, wars break out. You then believe that the prophets’ predictions actually came to pass. Some of these stargazers use these “successful” predictions to leverage on unsuspecting rich folks who are in dire need of spiritual solutions when under satanic onslaught.

For every successful prophecy, there are usually many that never come to pass, but the prophets never talk about those ones, and the ignorant patrons of these spiritualists never bother about this. Prophecy is a 50-50 game. Like all forecasts, some would come to pass, some won’t. Therefore, nobody should place too much emphasis on prophecies. Prophecy is the convenient pastime of the faithless, or the crutches of the weak-willed, who refuse to face their realities.

My message for you this year is this: if you are addicted to prophecy, quit this habit. It is a faith-killer and time-waster. Predictions won’t pay your daily bills. What do you gain if somebody says you’d buy a car this year, get married to a rich man, overcome your enemies, etc? You only get pumped up emotionally and when these predictions fail, you lapse into a state of depression. Your prophets or pastors always have an escape route. They’d blame their failed prophecies on lack of faith on your part. And this is something that cannot be proved.

I’d rather you exercise faith and pursue your vision. Pray and work hard; work smart, and let God bless the work of your hands. Let the prophets have their say, God will always have His way. You do not need any prophet to get by in the world. God’s grace is sufficient for you. There’s a lot of divine power inside of you that you have to develop to make you the successful person you were created to be. Envy no one, you may even be better than them. You may have more potential than the folks you admire. Just look inwards and be positive.

Nobody has all the answers. Many so-called prophets are scammers. Some will ask you to pay for prayers or some rituals before your prayer can be answered. When you are confronted with such bizarre requests, know you are dealing with a fraudster. You don’t need any rituals for God to have mercy on you or answer your prayer. Those who have no vision go to spiritualists. Don’t allow anyone deceive you.

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Moreover, most prophets and pastors are not well instructed in the things of God. They don’t really have any in depth knowledge of the word of God. Many of these folks rely on familiar spirits for visions. They consult the occult for strange powers with which they operate. That is why they can give you accurate messages about your past and your future; you’d be amazed and then fall flat for their heinous schemes. If you are not careful, they’d strip you of all your wealth and valued possessions in the guise of giving spiritual solutions.

Time is precious. Don’t waste your time pursuing worthless messages from spiritualists. You ought to have cast your 2019 vision last year. By now, you ought to have a time line for the implementation of your vision for this year. If you don’t know that, its never too late to think about your goals for this year, what exactly do you want to do? What are your aspirations and constraints? Do an analysis and consult experts in your field, they’d help you out.

You have to be self-critical and very objective. Don’t put yourself down. Just be realistic. Pick up the pieces of all your unfinished jobs last year and restart all abandoned projects that are still realisable. Sometimes, projects fail because they are ahead of time. This may just be the ideal year for you to make it finally. There’s really nothing like failure. What people call failure is work-in-progress. Failure is not a destination, it is simply a lesson on how to do it right. You apply the lesson of a miss to get a hit. When you abandon a project because it didn’t work the first time, that’s failure. You keep pushing until you succeed.

Nothing succeeds like success. Get up to a flying start. It is well with you.

Weekend Spice: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ok folks, stay motivated.


• Ayodeji is an author, rights activist, pastor and life coach. He can be reached on 09059243004 (SMS and WhatsApp only)