One of the hallmark of a good prophet is the fulfillment of his prophecies. Anyone could parade himself as a prophet, but the bottom line remains the fact that the fulfillment of your words of prophecies is what actually crowns you as a good and a credible prophet which the world can venerate and hold in high esteem.


Prophet Itode Iloye, popularly known as Commander CSI is regarded as one of the best prophets in the world with several accurate and precise prophecies. He is known for his international prophecies as he recently predicted that Mohammed Lrfaan Ali will be elected as the President of Guyana and it was so. Mohammed Irfaan, a Guyanese Politician who is now rated as the first Muslim President of Guyana and the first Muslim head of state in South America.


However, Prophet Itode who is the Shepherd in charge of one of the fast growing ministries in Nigeria, DABA Ministries Int’l otherwise known as “Prophetic Embassy” with branches across the globe though has Portharcourt as the headquarters. He is one of the few prophet that predicted the coming of corona virus few years back and has more than hundreds fulfilled prophecies to his credit. His ministry is recorded as one of the best prophetic churches you can ever visit both in eastern part of Nigeria and beyond as he proffers solutions to various issues of life.


Having made indelible mark in the world of prophecies, it is very imperative and expedient that some President of a country do seek his spiritual help and guidance from him. It is very apparent that the Prophet Itode is not just an African but a global prophet as he has prophecies for every country of the world in one of his books.


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He is known for his accurate prophecy and spiritual guidance. A prophet who consider it right to add his voice to Nation building activities. A kind hearted person who is always very willing to do in every situation. He is notable in his prophecies and counted as one of the top prophet.


River state born Itode Iloye, also known as Commander CSI, Commander in the 21st Century under high tension Pentecostal Power, who is one of the top listed prophet whom God is using in Nigeria in the eastern part of Nigeria especially in South America though in a noiseless way.


Commander CSI has liberated many families from the shackles of the enemies in God’s name and families has been blessed with the fruit of the womb by God’s grace and power in his ministry.


Commander CSI who is also known as lord of Caribbean is a renowned and a reputed man of God.