JAYTIME is an enthusiastic Afro-Fusion musician, songwriter and a monumental instrumentalist. He is an exceptional artiste, chronologically winning the love of Nigerians with his thrilling Afrobeat tunes.

He is highly sensational, registering himself as an evolving personality trying to create an infallible footprint in the music industry across Nigeria and Africa. Jaytime created a captivating niche for himself musically, which became apparent to every lover of quality music; ‘Jaytime’ is scintillatingly receptive and dynamic in nature, all in the bid to seamlessly entertain his fans and affect lives positively.

He releases his debut EP Sweetvibes vol.1 on Friday, 27th January 2023. The EP has six resonating tracks that will stun the audience mind frenetically and astoundingly. His presence in the musical space reverberate a reassurance of impressive wordings that will thrill his listeners unceasingly!


These newly released tracks extricate total hellish from the body and soul, the best place to find solace…

First on the list is, “HELP MYSELF” highly inspirational and self motivational, on this project, JayTime shares his opinion about supporting yourself towards achieving potential success. It’s a good thing to help yourself and support people. But we should always lookup to God and ask for showers of blessings. It’s an afro soul blended with amazing sounds e.g violin & Sax with a touch of afrobeat; The spotlight ‘Help Myself Till Heaven Helps Me’

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Sequentially followed by ‘PAYPER’ an amalgamation of RNB and Afrobeat. It chronicles towards a man flaunting his wealth with all sense of responsibility, wanting to buy his way to his choicest lady’s heart. He fills with the luxury at his disposal he could get any lady at the snap of his finger.

The Afrobeat crooner, disrupted all protocols with a tastefully made track “IN THE MOOD” which talks about the life of a socialite, always ready to party without season. The attitudinal display revolving around this groove is one of gyration and utmost celebration. The vocal aesthetics conveys flamboyance and musical glamour.

Next in line is, “FLEX” a dance-hall genre of music as the name implies.
It’s a club groove, accompanied by high spirited wordings to ignite the body and soul. The flirty part speaks volume concerning the happenings associated with such ambiance.

This blast can never be left, “FINE BABY” it is premised on an unceasing potent love expressed by a man towards a belle(An attractive woman) It’s apparently a blend of afro dancehall with a fusion of a juicy flow of pop which further gives the track a mellifluous and rhythmic flow.

The last track on the list that defers the role of position due to its vivacious touch when listened to…..

‘BAMBI’ is an afro-pop that paints a vivid picture of a lady called Bambi tagged “Shakara goddess”. She is erotically inviting, due to her exceptional beauty she never settles for less, this has built an unrepentant conviction in her, that she is seemingly indispensable.She is evidently the most sought after amidst her peers. This track is indeed a laudable piece that will rock your event amazingly.