From Okwe Obi Abuja

The Civil Society Organization Network of Nigeria (CSONN) has urged the military to investigate the proliferation of arms in the Niger Delta region and the roles of armed militants.

Chairman of the group, Collins Eshiofeh, while protesting yesterday in Abuja, noted that the attack in Okauma village which claimed the lives of 17 soldiers, serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of arming those with a history of violence.

Eshiofeh, also, decried ongoing environmental and security crises affecting local communities, exacerbated by questionable pipeline surveillance contracts.

He called on President Bola Tinubu to “Review and revoke pipeline surveillance contracts currently held by people with questionable characters to prevent the potential misuse of such funds for arms proliferation.

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“Investigate the proliferation of arms in the Niger Delta, including the role of armed militants in the importation of illegal weapons.

“Ensure that the Nigerian Military and pipeline protection companies operate with the utmost professionalism and are not complicit in arms trafficking.”

According to him, CSSON stands firm as a watchdog of society, vowing not to relent until these critical issues are addressed.

“It is time for the Nigerian government to take decisive action to safeguard the nation’s assets, restore confidence in its security apparatus, and maintain its standing in the international community,” he said.