A Senator-elect in Ekiti State and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Opeyemi Bamidele, has urged Muslims to use the holy period of Ramadan to pray for Nigeria’s greatness and unity.

Bamidele stated that using the time by Muslim faithful to intercede for Nigeria, particularly offering prayers against insecurity and other factors constituting impediments to the nation would be of colossal benefit to the country.

In his congratulatory message to Muslims in Ekiti and all over Nigeria on Saturday, Bamidele said the annual  fasting and prayers remained the best time to pray for one’s country since Qur’an specifically alludes to the period as holy time for forgiveness of sins and iniquities.

He said no one can underestimate the relevance of prayers to the country at this time when evil men are taking the country by the jugular through senseless killings, kidnapping, looting the treasury in a wondrous fashion and forming alliances to derail and stagnate the progress of the nation.

Bamidele appealed to Muslims to continually exhibit the culture of tolerance, generosity, sacrifice and  holiness in their daily lives during and after the 30 days holy period.

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“Prophet Mohammed (SAW) commanded Muslims to observe 30 days of prayers and fasting to inculcate holiness and preach the doctrines of self-control , sacrifices, giving and unity in prayers.

“They must  live in tandem with  these commandments for the pains of 30 days not to be in vain.

“The 2019 Ramadan period is even more significant, because it came at the most challenging and traumatising time in the history of our nation.

“Today, insecurity has pervaded the land. People are no longer safe due to rising robbery, killings, abduction, human trafficking, communal clashes and all forms of societal malaises.

“Even if these crises defy all administrative and political solutions, with prayers, God can intervene and show mercy, that is why prayer is expedient at this time.

“I congratulate our Muslim brothers for witnessing the 2019 edition of this holy programme and I pray that all their prayers shall translate into meaningful  development in their lives and that of our country.”