“God will continue to bless you for being a blessing to us in this era. I got married to my wife and I started having breakthrough. It became a point of attraction to the extent that people envied me so much and I started having attacks in my dreams. I did not attach importance to it until I was served with a strange meat in my dream by my very good and close friend who on the same day served me with the same kind of food physically. I ate it with my wife in my office and that was how she had miscarriage of our five months unborn baby. Our business started crumbling to the point of total failure and disappointment. From that time, both of us started having a moving object inside our body system. We have been taking all manner of treatment, including herbal, but we got no solution. For 10 years my wife did not see her monthly period or menstruation. We went through hell both in health and in our business. In fact, at a point I started contemplating suicide to end it once and for all. But my wife kept encouraging me each time she read your article. Sir, we contacted you and after investigating the matter you informed me of the dream I had and how same led to my present situation. You advised us to order some bottles of your oil and we did after a while. When we got the oil, we did the prayer and God started working miracles. My wife’s menstruation started flowing monthly as expected and both of us had a particular dream the same day and at the same time on how the demonic object went out of our body systems. The demonic object is no more inside us and my business was restored. Only last month, my wife had a baby girl for me and we are grateful to God for this miracle. You are truly an instrument in God’s hand.”

– Mr. Godey S.E. Email [email protected]


“Dear sir, you could recall that I sent you a testimony about my family some months ago. The man I talked about with swollen stomach, who wanted my husband dead, later developed some kind of unknown sickness, which many regarded as demonic. He has confessed being responsible for what happened to my husband after the use of your oil. He was almost dead last week until I called you and you asked me to use the same oil on him and do another kind of prayer you gave me, when I did that, sir, the following day, he walked out of hospital after having all-night running stomach; the experience led to the coming down of his swollen stomach. All the sickness disappeared. The medical doctor was amazed and asked me what I did and I introduced him to your column and he also ordered for some bottles for his own spiritual problems too. Thank you, Prof, and God bless you.”

– Sister Esther N.U.

These men are not specially made, for you can be one of them today, if you wish. For any power that is possible to one soul is also possible to another. If we love prayer, we can be men and women of prayer but if you hate it, you will end up as a man or woman of impotence. The moment one vitally grasps the fact that he can rise, he will surely rise and he can have absolutely no limitations other than the limitations he sets for himself.

There may be other negative powers that may stand against your prayer, but if you pray the prayer of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost fire radiating from your prayer will set ablaze every demonic power aimed at setting a limitation on you.

This reminds me of a woman in those days of life in darkness, she was very powerful in prayer and feared the Lord in all her human endeavours . In fact, she was active in her faith and had no pleasure in the unfruitful works of darkness. A day came when some evil men felt her prayers so much that they did not know what to do. They decided to create problems for her in her home. They projected a troublemaking demon to her husband who was just a normal unbeliever. Now, in accordance with the principles guiding the said demon, towards accomplishing this assignment, he would not remain in the air for more than two hours before entering into the sister’s house. On reaching the house, the sister was away for fellowship, the demon entered the man.

May I use this time to warn those who are relaxing when their husbands or wives are not yet born again. If you are such, please, don’t relax until he or she comes to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. Your duty is to pray for his or her conversion. When the sister came back from the fellowship, her husband started persecuting her, which was quite unusual. He even went to the extent of using knife on her due to high level of demonic manipulation. Remember the Bible says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual weakness in high places” Eph 6:12.

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The sister realised this, thus she prayed to God and maintained her normal time of midnight warfare prayers. She presented her husband to God, casting out and binding every negative power set in motion to ruin her marriage, Christian life and as  well as her husband and children. She observed 12 days’ midnight prayers and six days fasting and prayer. Jesus said, “Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” Matt.17:21.

After all these, the Lord who answers the prayer of the righteous opened her eyes, and she saw the very demon in action. She set her fervent prayer on the demon. In fact, after her fasting and prayer in this regard, her husband was set free and finally gave his life to Christ and both of them joined hands together to chase ten thousand. The Bible says, “How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight…” Duet.32:28.

Now, consequent upon their combined spiritual efforts in this connection, the evil forces fled and left that place for another. This is what prayer can do. Don’t let environment influence your prayer life “for the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” Ps.24:1.

Environment cannot change prayer but prayer changes environment. If you claim to be a prayer warrior and cannot make use of every environment to advance in warfare prayers, justify your claims then. When someone finds himself in an occult environment or house, you will find the person running from one house to another because he or she is afraid of the witch or wizard living with him or her. If you are running from a witch, where then is your faith in Christ? Where is your power and your authority in God? May I use this divine opportunity to inform you that, if you are living in one compound with an agent of darkness, he or she is the one to pack out and not you the child of God.

However, be informed that if you are living with either a native doctor, a witch, wizard or any agent of darkness peacefully in a house or within your environment, it means you have not started midnight prayer. If you have, then it means you are not yet serious. The Bible observes, “For the ungodly shall not stand in judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous” Ps 1:5.

Be informed that environment should never be allowed to make the man of prayer, but that the man of prayer should always condition the environment. When a man of vision comes to this higher awareness, he will find out that it is not necessary to get out of any environment because one may still have a particular work to do there.

With prayer force we can change and prevail over certain environmental hurdles and thus change the entire spiritual systems or condition in an old environment.

The case of Paul while in Corinth was a clear example in this connection. He preached and at a time he became wearied to continue in Corinth for the danger of his life by his persecutors (the Jews). When Paul was filled with the thought of leaving Corinth, that is, changing environment probably because of fear, the Lord said to him, “…Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: for I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee, for I have much people in this city. And he continued there a year and six months teaching the word of God among them” Acts 18:9:11.

This is the life of a man or woman of prayer. He or she persists; even when the environment is not conducive, God always encourages him or her. The very place you are now, what is your mind telling you? Do you want to change by your own will? What has God said about it? Or do you think He has nothing to say? Do you know that God has a purpose for allowing you to be where you are right now? You may leave to another place only to find yourself in a worst condition. Find out from God the exact place he wants you, if at all he wants you to change environment.