From Isaac Anumihe, Abuja

Residents of Port Harcourt town and the environs will now enjoy increased power supply following the commissioning of a 100MVA 132/33kV power transformer at its Port Harcourt main substation.

In a statement, the transformer would enhance the bulk transmission capability of the substation by 80MW

This initiative, which is a Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)-World Bank project, also includes the complete rehabilitation and expansion of the 132/33kV transmission substation and the addition of three feeders and associated accessories, the statement noted.

With the installation of the 100MVA power transformer, the substation’s installed capacity increased from 180MVA to 280MVA.

Notably, industries in the Trans Amadi industrial environment and communities beyond Port Harcourt city will benefit significantly from the capacity expansion.

“Within the first quarter of this year, TCN has executed a number of projects in its Port-Harcourt Region, and currently has several ongoing projects which are at various completion stages, including a 100MVA transformer installation in Port Harcourt Town which will soon be completed and commissioned.

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“Transformer projects are equally ongoing in Port -Harcourt Town, Itu, Umuahia, Aba, and Alaoji, aimed at bolstering bulk power transmission within the region” the statement, noted.

in its Port Harcourt sub-region, TCN recently received four power transformers including two units of 100MVA capacity transformers, one each at Port Harcourt Main and Port Harcourt Town transmission substations, two units of 60MVA power transformers, one each were also sent to Rumuosi and Port Harcourt Main transmission substations.

“Collectively, these will increase available capacity within TCN’s Port Harcourt region for Port Harcourt Distribution Company to offtake for its customers.

“At the Uyo Work Centre, TCN is also currently upgrading the Itu Substation with a 60MVA 132kV transformer and associated switch gears. Upon completion, the station’s capacity will increase by 48MW.

“Ongoing new substation projects within the region include the construction of a 2x60MVA 132/33kV transmission substation at Oron and a 2×30/40MVA 132/33kV Substation at Ididep both in Calabar” the statement, noted.

To increase maintenance efficiency and invariably reduce downtime, it said, the regional store received bulk consignment of spare parts, including circuit breakers, 33kV lighting arresters, battery chargers, battery banks, toolboxes, and safety kits.

“TCN remains steadfast in its effort to put in place a robust and more efficient transmission grid through strategic initiatives and project implementation across regions. It is also committed to swift maintenance and fault response by ensuring it has available, necessary spare parts in its stores nationwide” it further noted.