Abuja, Nigeria – In a disturbing turn of events, a prominent pastor and General Overseer of a church in Abuja has allegedly forced his estranged wife, identified only as Chioma, and their six children out of their home in the Federal Capital Territory.

The incident, which has gained significant traction on social media, reportedly stems from an ongoing and contentious relationship that culminated in divorce. Chioma has publicly accused the pastor of multiple counts of infidelity and domestic violence, recounting the hardships she endured over their 18 to 19-year marriage.

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In a video that went viral on Tuesday, Chioma is seen addressing the camera, accusing the pastor of evicting her and their children without prior notice. “See him, God will help me. This is a pastor. Look at him. He called the police and evicted me and the children out of the house,” she stated. “Look at me, look at my properties all outside unannounced. We were in the house this afternoon; he just came to the house with the police and threw my things away. He already packed his things out of the house for years, sleeping around.”

Chioma further alleged that the pastor had informed the court that he sold his property to prevent her from receiving any portion of his wealth in the divorce settlement. This revelation has sparked widespread public outrage and sympathy for Chioma and her children, highlighting significant issues of domestic abuse and the systemic challenges faced by women in similar situations.

Authorities have yet to release an official statement regarding the incident. The case continues to unfold as more details emerge, drawing attention to the broader societal implications of domestic disputes and the protection of vulnerable family members.

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