By Philip Nwosu




Residents of New Haven area and its environs in Enugu State can now sleep with their two eyes closed as the police division in the area has expressed determination to rid the district of crime and criminal elements hitherto tormenting residents.

The police authorities in the area said it will be leaving no stone unturned in the move to ensure that it does not give criminals space to operate.

Indeed,  the police stationed in New Haven, Enugu, has emerged as a commendable force in bolstering the safety and security of residents in the vicinity. Through a proactive stance and unwavering dedication to community engagement, the police force has become pivotal in cultivating an environment where residents can rest assured knowing their safety is paramount.

Enugu, akin to many urban centers across Nigeria, contends with its share of security challenges. However, the New Haven police  has been steadfast in tackling these issues through a range of initiatives centered on crime prevention and community policing.

A cornerstone of their strategy involves heightened patrols and surveillance. By maintaining a visible presence within the community, law enforcement officers serve as a deterrent to criminal activities while also responding promptly to any incidents that may arise. This proactive approach not only thwarts criminal endeavors but also instills confidence among residents, assuring them that assistance is readily available.

A notable incident on November 26, 2023, underscores the police force’s swift and decisive action. In response to reports of a robbery involving hoodlums on a tricycle targeting POS operators in the New Haven area, police officers sprang into action. Despite facing gunfire from the criminals, the police team, led by Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Chijioke Ogbodo, a lawyer, exhibited remarkable courage and professionalism, ultimately prevailing and apprehending the perpetrators.

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In another instance on the same day, police officers on patrol demonstrated remarkable vigilance when they pursued and apprehended a suspect who attempted to evade search by speeding off in a tricycle. The determined pursuit led to the arrest of the suspect, one Chibuike, in front of a supermarket in New Haven, with a firearm promptly recovered from him.

These incidents exemplify the unwavering commitment of the New Haven police to uphold peace and security in the state. Their relentless efforts serve as a testament to their dedication to duty and their mission to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

As the New Haven police continues to forge ahead in their mission, it is evident that their proactive approach and unwavering determination are crucial in fostering a safer and more secure environment for all residents. Their commendable efforts deserve recognition and serve as an inspiration for law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Also in another big crime busting encounter, police operatives attached to the New Haven Police Division on December 3, 2023, at about 12.30 pm arrested one Franklin (male) aged 26, for allegedly faking and using the Facebook account name and details of another person to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that the suspect confessed to the act of crime, stating that he created the fake Facebook account in January 2023 and has since been using it to solicit funds from his over 33,000 followers.

The suspect further stated that he usually waits for the actual owner to make a post, soliciting  support for persons in situations requiring financial assistance. Upon sighting such posts, he immediately copies and posts them on the fake Facebook account and changes the beneficiary’s account details to his, thereby fraudulently obtaining funds from unsuspecting donors.

He added that he has, by so doing, received funds running into tens of thousands of Naira from donors.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Kanayo Uzuegbu, has ordered the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation to conduct a further thorough investigation and timely prosecution of the suspect.

The CP, therefore, enjoins victims of the fraudulent act to report to the State CID and volunteer their statements, while also calling on the citizenry to be wary of social media impostors and their fraudulent activities.

In another development, police operatives in New Haven bared their fangs again and  apprehended another suspect engaged  in fraudulent activities involving ATM cards. The suspect was arrested at the UBA branch in Otigba while in the act of swapping ATM cards, raising concerns about the security of banking transactions.

The individual, identified as an “ATM swap specialist,” was caught red-handed with a staggering 23 ATM cards in his possession. The arrest highlights the seriousness of fraudulent activities targeting banking customers and the need for heightened vigilance to safeguard against such crimes.