Pray for Uyo

I left the house that morning
Dressed in my Sunday best
Makeup on flek
Maybe I would finally land the husband

I heard politicians were coming
Maybe I’d get a selfie with a few
Facebook must hear biko
And I catwalked out. “Uyo, how much,” I asked

I sat at the middle
The Governor just finished giving his speech
Praise and worship session

“This girl get voice o,” I said
And I danced with joy

No one saw it coming
The last thing I heard was the cry of the baby
The last thing I felt was a liquid pouring out of my stomach
The last thing I saw was the baby’s head off her shoulder
Then silence

I left the auditorium
I saw a lot of other people too
We were all dressed in white
Smiling and following another brightly shining man with wings
We were happy

But I looked back
I saw the mother who left her baby to go use the convenience wailing
I saw the lady shouting for her newly wedded husband
I saw families searching for their loved ones
I saw the government running to save lives
I saw my friends weeping and placing RIP on my wall full of my slay
I saw my pastor crying
I couldn’t cry
I felt no pain

Don’t pray for me
I am resting in peace
God came to take me
I found my husband man in white

Pray for Uyo
The tragedy is much
Families need comfort
People need reassurance in Jesus
Believers need grace to have faith
The Pastors need your support

Pray for Uyo
That affliction may not rise the second time
That the devil will not give people the base to bow
That the unbelievers won’t have new comedy
That the levites would not have to answer “where is your God”

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Pray for Uyo
The same way you pray for Paris

This is no 9/11
10/12 is heavier

Don’t pray for me at my grave
I am not there
I am resting in peace.

O house of the Lord
You have failed in your duties
You have shut your doors against Gentiles
And patted Pharisees so proudly on the back

You have killed more than you have saved
Ever failing to bring the message of salvation to all
All you preach is prosperity and prophecy
Whatever gets you a large offering that Sunday

You have turned the Communion of brothers and sisters
To a Communion of gossipers and back biters
You have the light of the world
Yet you pull a curtain over it
You have the salt for the earth’s meal
Yet you keep it all for gain

You have abused your gifts
You have killed talents
You have buried souls
And burned hearts

When I walk into you
All I see is a courtroom with a pulpit
With the cross of Jesus plastered up above
And wonderful sound equipments
None which can listen to that heart in the middle row
Whispering and begging for salvation

O church
You have named the name of Christ
But all I see you full are people who practice religion
No one wants to be Christ like
We are just really trying to be Christ copy while removing whatever we feel will inconvenience us

Oh how have we judged
How have we condemned
We were meant to be a solace to dying and lost souls
All we have done
Is write their names in our book of candidates to hell.