By Henry Akubuiro

•L-R: Peter Imo, director, Patrons MCAA; Keturah Ovio, co-director, and Meme Osuocha, marketing director, at a press conference to announce an upcoming exhibition in Lagos, recently


Patrons Modern and Contemporary African Arts (MCAA), a full-fledged arts-focused organisation, has concluded plans to hold its sixth miniature exhibition in Lagos this month. The main target of the exhibition is to reclaim feminine narratives, redefine icons and inspire inclusion through arts.

Themed “HERstory Reframed”, the exhibition will feature three talented and well-exhibited female artists from French-speaking African countries, who will tell incredible stories through their 20 works of art.

The event will take place at The Art Hotel Lagos from March 30 to April 14, 2024, and will feature a fireside chat, where women in business, finance and arts will discuss the way forward for the African arts industry.

Entitled “From Brushstrokes to Bank Statements: The Art of Wealth Creation and Supporting Women Artists,” the fireside chat will feature incredible women who will discuss opportunities in the arts industry, funding gap, art financing, support for women artists and export potential in art collections.

The artists who are expected at the event are Asa Mansongi from Republic of Congo, Kristine Tsala from Cameroon and Falhone Ogoun from Benin Republic.

Speaking at a recent press conference in Lagos, Ms Keturah Ovio, director at Patrons MCAA, said the sixth edition draws inspiration from the “Inspire Inclusion” theme of the 2024 International Women’s Day celebration.

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She said, “‘HERstory Reframed’ transcends mere art appreciation and ignites a conversation about inclusion, representation, and the transformative power of art.

“It’s a platform for diverse narratives, reclaiming the often-whispered stories of women and amplifying their voices. Each artist brings a unique perspective, born from their individual journeys and backgrounds,” Ms Ovio noted.

She said arts had a way of evoking emotions and telling fascinating stories in a unique way, stressing that the government and the private sector must support the sector to thrive.

She also noted that the size of the African arts industry was just about $13 billion, which represented just 2.5 percent of the $520 billion global art market, noting that there was an opportunity for the private and public sector participants to do more.

“Everyone has to invest in it. As corporate bodies, we must invest in art collections, building, marketing, and export. We need artworks in public places. We need to export arts, not just tech or other products. Arts values can appreciate and change people’s lives,” she said.

Peter Imo, Director, Patrons MCAA, said young people in Africa must take interest in art collection, stressing that art could appreciate in value when properly kept.

“Art is a long-term investment. It is an asset you own that has the capacity to exponentially grow wealth for generations,” he said.

He affirmed that inclusivity had become a major issue globally, stating that women in various sectors had shown that they have the capacity to make incredible contributions  to art.

Also speaking, Ms Meme Osuocha, Marketing Director, explained that the event would reframe African women’s narratives to the world and showcase the capabilities of women.

“It is an opportunity to tell African women’s stories through art. Through ‘HERstory Reframed’, we not only celebrate the artistic brilliance of the featured female artists but also pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future for women in Africa and beyond,” she said.