Gyang Bere, Jos

Collins Abaje (Business man)

For me, I will vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) throughout and I will also mobilise and encourage people to vote for the PDP because PDP is the only party that has vision for Nigeria and the people of Plateau State. Any where you go now, even in Keke NAPEP, on Okada, in filling stations and on the streets, people have resolved to vote for Atiku Abubakar and General Jeremiah Useni (Retd) for a credible change in the country.

I believe 2019 election will be a walk over for PDP. In Plateau, some people believe that General Jeremiah Useni is old but I don’t think governance is based about old age, he is a retired General and he is the current Senator representing Plateau South, he is the person Plateau need at the moment because of the persistent insecurity. If he is given the mandate to be the governor in Plateau, I believe the security issues will be history, he will bring insecurity down to the minimum, this is because he has the experience and he knows exactly what to do.

He has been in governance throughout his life and I don’t think age is a barrier for him, he is still very strong. I am voting for Useni and Atiku for the redemption of Nigeria, we are only waiting for February and March respectively, so that we will lead them to Aso Rock and Government House Rayfield. I am not thinking of disappointment because I know by the grace of God, they will win the election and there will be no disappointment. We are disappointed with the performance of Governor Simon Lalong, he has failed to secure people in the state, people die every day, we cannot accept that any longer so he must go for the sake of people in the rural communities to live.

Jimam Williams Lar (Youth activist)

I am voting for the candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that is President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Lalong in Plateau State and other APC candidates that are within my jurisdiction because I believe in the manifestos and ideology of the party. The APC programme has bettered the lives of Nigerians both in Plateau and at the national level. Certain things that we don’t see been provided by the previous PDP government, we are beginning to see and enjoying them today. People are recovering what they have lost through injustice and corruption, President Buhari’s administration is doing well in the fight against insurgency which has reduced the hardship of our people in the North East. Also, it is now that Nigeria is fighting against corruption, a lot of people looted our treasury without been question but with Buhari as the president, the money that belong to Nigeria have been recovered and such monies have been injected into the economy. With another four years for Buhari and Lalong, Nigeria and Plateau State will be better. IDPs that were displaced since 2001 crisis were relocated to their ancestral homes recently; Lalong decided to continue with abandoned projects in the states, projects that were abandoned since 1979, Lalong have completed them, this is what we have been yearning for and we now have the type of government that we desire.

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Nguerep Nangong (Animal Production Technologist)

With what is happening in this country today, we need somebody who can come to the aid of Nigerians, I will vote somebody who can provide security for Nigerians, somebody that can stand with the people, I will vote for somebody that has a vision and mission for Nigeria, not somebody who is coming to power for the sake of being on that seat, he is not ready for anything. To me, both APC and PDP have not provided good governance for Nigeria, I am still making consultation for the presidency but I will go with Gen. Jonathan Temlong (Retd) for the governorship of Plateau State because the state needs him now.

The PDP is bringing us an option that is not an option, we are crying that President Buhari is an old man but PDP is bringing somebody that is older than Buhari for the governorship of Plateau State. We need somebody that is younger, that has security experience and Gen. Temlong has it. He is the most credible candidate among all candidates that are contesting the election. Temlong has been in Plateau, he knows the problem of Plateau and he has contributed his quota in the development of Plateau State. He approached the Victims Support Funds to help IDPs in Plateau and he was told that Plateau State government has not shown interest and they have not applied for the funds. So you can see somebody who is not in government and he is thinking about the people. I believe if given the mandate, he will run a people-centred government.

Simon Dung Zi (Political commentator)

Having waited patiently for APC government to see whether they will provide the change they promised Nigerians, without seeing any, I think they have failed. Personally, I am for good governance and what we have witnessed for the past four years is a monumental failure and by the grace of God in February and March, I will cast my vote for PDP, let me be very straight forward to you. This is because PDP is the only party that can sack the APC.

The PDP is giving them a good fight, I will moblise people to come out en mass to vote PDP and sack APC. We are tired of suffering and hardship we have been going through in the last four years. When I said I am voting PDP I mean, Atiku Abubakar as president at the national level, Gen. Jeremiah Useni (retd) as the governor in Plateau and all PDP candidates from the lowest to the highest positions.

President Buhari has not tried in terms of fight against insurgency, people in the Middle Belt are still suffering and we have a man who was elected as a father of the country. He has been a Military Head of State and a GOC in Jos, he knows the terrain in Plateau very well but he is keeping mute over our issues, why should I vote such a man? Look at how Boko Haram has killed our soldiers in the North East, civilians are no longer safe, kidnappers are on rampage, and therefore, Buhari must go for us to be safe.