Maduka Nweke

Worried about the inadequacy of houses for those in real need of it, and the high cost of building in the country, Pertinence Group says it is tinkering with how to build a complete home with as low as N3 million.

The Group, through one of its subsidiaries specially set up to deliver housing to Nigerians with relative ease, RealVest, is therefore powering a home delivery initiative tagged HomeVest. 

Its Executive Director and Co-Founder, Wisdom Ezekiel, revealed that his firm, like some others, is not waiting for the government any more on this, hence the reason the firm is initiating several programmes aimed at solving the problem. 

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According to him, while the firm might not be able to solve the entire problem, it is, however, determined to contribute its quota. One way it is doing this is to provide affording housing through HomeVest. This, he explained, is by simplifying payment for housing by up to seven years. 

“It is like paying for your rent and after seven years, the house is yours. We even allow that once payment of up to 50 percent, we allow the person to take possession of the house while he continues with the rest of the payment while already living in the building. We try our best to ensure that the payment and house are very affordable, say from about N50, 000 to N150, 000 monthly payment depending on the location,” he said. 

Ezekiel gave assurance that through RealVest, the firm would keep driving the process of home ownership to ensure it delivers “real affordable housing” to the people. “What we eventually target is how, with N3 million, we can deliver a full house to Nigerians. We have not been able to crack this but we are not relenting and we are sure of achieving this soon,” he stated.

In similar vein, another Executive Director and also Co-Founder of the Group, Sunday Olorunsheyi, lamented that while the government has dwelled on providing solution to the housing challenge, it has not materialised over the years. This, Olorunsheyi noted, is perhaps the reason individuals have had to become their own government.  He explained that the HomeVest initiative is one of the numerous products the Pertinence Group has put in place to help solve the housing problem.