Silver is a metallic-based colour. The colour has resemblance to gray. Silver is often found in jewelry and accessories, but also can be featured on clothing. It is a complementary colour, as it works well with other colours. Choose colours that complement the metallic quality of silver.

Pastel colours

Pastel colours are colours with a pale or light shade. Pastel colours that complement silver include light blue, light pink, light purple, light green and light yellow. These soft shades complement the metallic quality of silver by bringing out the metallic colour. Silver complements the soft shades of the pastel colours. See Prints4sure

Bold colours

Silver can complement bold colours. Bold colours are brighter versions of colours. These colours stand out and draw interest. Silver works as a complementary colour alongside a bold colour because it does not take attention away from the boldness of the colour, but helps enhance the colour. Bold colours that complement silver include purple, blue, green and red. These colours combined can create a colour scheme for an exciting outfit.

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Neutral colours

Neutral colours can complement silver as well. Neutral colours traditionally complement all different colours because they are simple and don’t draw attention away from other bolder colours. Silver is actually considered a neutral colour. Other neutral colours include black, white, brown, ivory, cream and gray. These colours combined create a sophisticated colour palette that is not overwhelming or over the top.

Gold colours

It used to be considered in bad form to pair silver and gold together, but it is now a trendy colour combination. Silver can combine with different shades of gold to create different looks. These colours that used to work against each other are now combining together to create a complementary colour scheme.