The director of Yamin Halal Investment, Isah Mukailu, popularly known as Misab, a general contractor, said patience and trust are two important success factors for every entrepreneur.

Misab, a multi-talented personality, better known for his business exploits, stated this while talking about his life experience as an entrepreneur during an Instagram live chat with TMY News. 

According to him: “Anyone can be motivated by wealth to get into business, but being an entrepreneur is not an expressway to wealth or riches. As an entrepreneur, your work is cut out. There is a learning curve, there are start-up challenges, and of course, there are elements necessary for success.”

Misba, a graduate of the University of Abuja, said further: “You also cannot rule out your education. Yes, sometimes you see people who drop out of school becoming wealthy, but overall, having a good education helps businesspersons to make good decisions in their business dealings.”

He avowed that his education has been significant to his achievement as a businessperson and his contribution to society. 

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Misba also underscored that despite having parents who were in business, starting his business wasn’t a stroll in the park. 

“There were so many challenges, from the start-up capital to human resources to winning customers. But we surmounted all the challenges, and the major factor was trust,” he said. 

Of his biggest business lesson thus far, he said patience is a virtue that every entrepreneur must learn.

“You cannot rush things in business, especially if you are looking to build an enduring company. There will be good times and there will be bad times, sometimes undeserved, but with patience, you can conquer every challenge,” he said.

Misba, recalling his most memorable moment as an entrepreneur so far,  said: “The day my mom kissed me on my forehead for sealing a business contract. It was a huge moment for me because she’s also a business guru; the gesture from her meant I had done something remarkable as a business person.”