From Adanna Nnamani, Abuja

Residents of Osun State on Thursday, marched on the nation’s capital, Abuja to demonstrate against the tribunal’s decision to remove Governor Ademola Adeleke as the victor of the July 16 gubernatorial election on.

Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was pronounced the election’s victor by the tribunal, which was presided over by Justice Terste Kume and fired PDP’s Governor Adeleke.

Residents of the State and PDP members had flocked out in large numbers following the judgment to express their rage and accuse the tribunal of injustice..

Armed with placards with various inscriptions such as: “No to Buga judgement”, “the people of Osun demand justice”, “Justice Kume is biased”, “Kume out to kill Electoral Act” among others, they asserted that mentioning the governor’s personal life was inconsistent with the ethical standards of the judiciary.

Speaking to journalists through their leader, Moshood Adebayo, shortly after submitting a petition to the National Judicial Commission (NJC), they called for an urgent investigation of Justice Kume “for actions and activities in breach of judicial ethics and protocols”.

Adebayo said, “We write to report a judicial officer, Justice Terse Kume for his violation of all known ethical conduct and behaviours unbecoming of the esteemed office he occupies.

“As the Chairman of the Osun Governorship panel, Justice Kume acted with deep bias and partiality which compels an extensive probe on his culpability.

“The Osun Governorship election was a model for the nation as local and international observers affirmed it as the best election in recent Nigerian history.

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“The outcome strengthened faith in the BVAS machine and manifested a great fruit of the new Electoral Act. After the Osun election, there was a general relief that going forward, people’s votes will count in the electoral process. The July 16 poll was a master stroke, a giant stride in Nigeria’s strides to sustainable democracy.

“All these realities that give hope to the nation and that reaffirm confidence of the global community in Nigeria’s democracy was muddled up within few hours by Justice Kume.

“His delivering the most illogical , biased and illegal judgement threatened to present and future of our democracy. Such judicial officer who deliberately set out to derail democratic practice should be disciplined to prevent further rot in the judicial system.”

The protesters further argued that throughout the trial, the justice was consistently providing support to the petitioners “even when their counsels are failing, adjournments were ordered to ensure rectification.”

Adebayo added, “This happened in more than ten instances during the hearing of the petition. The Chairman did not hide his open support for the petitioner while the trial lasted

“The Tribunal Chairman deliberately ignored a strong appeal to caution the petitioner to stop the media trial which was clearly in contempt of the Tribunal. The petitioners circulated judgement and table of final results the Tribunal will arrive at long before the judgement was delivered.

“Surprisingly, the Tribunal Chairman replicated in his judgement the exact tables and contents of media trial the petitioners had been pushing all along during the trial”.

They, however, called on the NJC to order a probe of how the judgement was handled due to evident signs of external influence and manipulation

They also urged the Council to rebuke the judge for apparent partnership with the petitioners during the petition hearing which resulted in a miscarriage of justice, adding that a disciplinary action should be taken against Justice Kume for violating his oaths of office and for engaging in actions.