From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

The poor state of infrastructure in Nigeria has hit the judiciary sector as well, as demonstrated by a recent incident at the Osun State Federal High Court in Osogbo.

According to reports, the presiding judge refused to commence proceedings until electricity was restored. Litigants had been waiting for the proceedings to begin when a court clerk entered and announced the delay, stating, “My Lord said he won’t sit until the light is restored. So, we have to pray that light is restored on time.”

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Despite offers from lawyers to contribute money to purchase fuel for a generator, the clerk confirmed that the generator was also not working.

The incident has sparked discussions about the broader state of the nation, with conversations about cash crunch and other issues dominating discussions inside the court hall.

The incident highlights the urgent need for the Nigerian government to address the dire state of infrastructure across various sectors in the country, including the judiciary.