By Adewale Banjo

A prince in Isolo, Lagos, Fouad Faronbi, has assured the people that there would be a smooth and seamless emergence of a new Osolo of Isolo kingdom.

He expressed confidence that Isolo would once again produce a popular choice that would be acceptable to all.

Faronbi, who stated this against the backdrop of the passing of the late Osolo, Kabiru Agbabiaka, said in a statement, entitled: “Nomination of candidate to the throne of Osolo of Isolo – matters arising,” that in Isolo history, emergence of monarchs has always been rancour free from time immemorial among the three royal families, including Adeola Olushi Olugbesa, Alagbeji and Okota royal families.

Specifically, he said going by history, the next ruling house to produce a new Osolo is Alagbeji royal family.   

“Consequent upon the death of the late kabiyesi, the Osolo of Isolo kingdom, there is an urgent need to bring to the notice of the public, the hierarchical ascendancy to the revered throne of Osolo of Isolo, which by force majure, has fallen in the lineage of the Alagbeji royal family.

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“There are three ruling houses in Isolo kingdom, namely – the Adeola Olushi Olugbesa royal family, the Alagbeji royal family, and the Okota royal family.

“The Olugbesa royal family had produced the late Sumonu Agedegudu, whose death caused the throne to revert to the Alagbeji royal family.

The Alagbeji royal family, thereafter, produced the late Disu Faronbi, whose demise caused the throne to revert to the Okota royal family. The Okota royal family then produced the late Rafiu Ayinde Goloba.

“After the death of Goloba, the throne reverted to the  Olugbesa royal family, who again, produced the late Agbabiaka, whose death has made the throne vacant at the moment.

“It is now, unarguably, the turn of the Alagbeji royal family to ascend the throne of Osolo of Isolo without much ado. The Alagbeji royal family has four branches namely, Akinlagun branch, which produced the late King of Isolo, Disu Faronbi (1975 – 1984),  Arowoye Ejoga branch, which produced the Baale Alagbeji, Samuel Arowoye (1995 – 2010), Apena branch, which produced Baale of Alagbeji, Jelili Apena (2022 till date), and Alabe branch, whose turn it is now, as the only branch left to produce the candidate for the available vacant stool of the king of Isolo kingdom.

“This information is required to genuinely inform the public of the due procedure to choose the new heir to ascend the vacant throne of the Osolo of Isolo kingdom.”